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Huge Battle Shaping Up at Whaling Commission
September 2014

The fate of dolphins and whales hangs in the balance at the forthcoming meeting of the International Whaling Commission. BlueVoice will travel to Slovenia September 14th to attend a critical meeting of the IWC.

The International Court of Justice ruled earlier this year that Japan's bogus research program which involved killing whales in the Antarctic, was in fact, BOGUS. Japan has said their whaling fleet will obey the ruling but their delegation to the IWC will present a new plan that they hope will be approved so they can resume whaling.

One of Japan's tactics is to buy the votes of small nations.

BlueVoice will participate in meetings with the U.S. delegation presenting a strong pro-whale position. It may surprise some that there are whale hunting members of the U.S. delegation.

We'll be blogging and tweeting events as this crucial meeting unfolds.


For the dolphins and whales,

Hardy Jones,

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BlueVoice to meet with Peruvian delegates at IWC

BlueVoice will present documentation of the slaughter of thousands of dolphins for shark bait by Peruvian fishermen in meetings with media, delegates and NGOs. A critical component of our strategy to end this horror is to bring it into the open in international forums so Peru will be forced to take action to end this senseless killing.

We thank all of you whose contributions have made this work possible.

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