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Your On-Line Shopping Can Help Us Save Dophins and Whales
November 2012

When you shop on-line this holiday season, you will be supporting our work of saving dolphins and whales worldwide.

We are now in Peru working to end dolphin hunting there and solve the mystery of the massive die-off of dolphins last spring.


GoodShop has over 2,400 of the most popular retailers who participate by donating, at no cost to you, a percentage of your purchase to BlueVoice. Just designate BlueVoice Organization (just as it's written here) as your charity of choice and each time you click to a retailer through GoodShop and make a purchase, you'll help save dolphins, whales and our oceans.

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Shopping at Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchases to BlueVoice.

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A Great DVD for Dolphin Lovers:
"Ocean Acrobats, The Spinner Dolphins

Spinner Dolphins are the most athletic of all the dolphins. In this outstanding documentary film from award winning producer Hardy Jones we join spinner dolphins in Hawaii and Tahiti as they play, socialize, feed and face the danger of ocean predators. We learn the meanings of the various forms of spins and how leadership works within the envelope of the spinner pod.

We see mating humpback whales being buzzed by a school of hyper excited pilot whales. Off Rangiroa atoll we meet a baby spinner who has been adopted by a school of bottlenose dolphins. We follow the spinners through their day beginning with rest over a particular kind of sandy bottom and then glory in their waking and the building of their energy through a series of mass breaches and spins before they return to the sea to feed. In perhaps the most stunning scene from the film we see spinner dolphins drilling in like football players before a game, perhaps a preparation for shark defense.


For the dolphins and whales,

Hardy Jones

The Voice of the Dolphins

Hardy Jones' riveting three decades experience with dolphins as he discovers a friendly school of dolphins he will come to know personally. And we travel to Japan as he fights to end the slaughter of dolphins for food and captivity.

Purchase "The Voice of the Dolphins" book and Kindle at Amazon

The Voice of the Dolphins may now be purchased as an enhanced eBook with color photos and embedded video through iTunes/iBooks.this holiday season.

Please consider a gift to to honor a friend or relative this holiday season

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