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December, 2012
Author Image Greetings!

Welcome to the December edition of the Educated Franchisee Newsletter.   


Recently I high profile franchise 'expert' blogged that franchise owners are 'not really entrepreneurs'.  Humm..... 


I have been thinking about that comment and would have to respectfully disagree. There are many definitions for the word 'Entrepreneur' but universally the definitions state that entrepreneurs assume financial risk, maintain control to empower outcome and reap financial rewards if they are successful. Franchisees do all of these things. Partnering with a third party does not change the fact that franchisee's are entrepreneurs. Securing structural advantages by entering into a license, dealership, distribution, agency or franchise agreement, is simply a business decision that, when executed correctly, leads to greater success.  As you explore business ownership, remember that regardless of the structure, you are the entrepreneur. Ultimately, the success of the business rests with you.  


As 2012 comes to an end it is time to give thanks. It is also a time to prepare for 2013.  I used to simply role along from year to year without a plan.  Just taking life as it comes.   What I found out is that if you don't have a plan.  If you don't know what is important and where you want to go.  Then you will almost certainly end the year with having made any progress.  I would strongly encourage you to spend some time with those who are important to you and ask the big questions.  Where are we going?  What do we want out of life?  What type of legacy do we want to leave?  What do we have to do in 2013 to move toward our dreams.


I wish you the warmest holiday greetings with hopes that 2013 is everything you hope it will be.



Rick Bisio
Founder of The Educated Franchisee
Apple Image What Entrepreneurs Need From Washington.


Listening to the debates you would think that taxes are the holy grail for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business.

Entrepreneurs don't need to hear about tax policy. We--and all businesses--need to hear a debate about economic growth policy.

This past summer the National Federation of Independent Business released a survey of what's gnawing at small business owners most.  The survey is conducted once every four years, and has respondents rank more than 70 factors. This year two new concerns were tossed into the mix: Uncertainty over Economic Conditions and Uncertainty over Government Actions. They ranked #2 and #4, respectively. Federal Taxes on Business Income ranked #6, down from #3 in 2008. And State Taxes on Business Income fell from #7 to #10. (For the record, in the 25-year span of the NFIB survey, Cost of Health insurance has always been the #1 concern.)


Message to Washington: What entrepreneurs care about is the roiling uncertainty..... 


Go to, Click Here


Apple Image 7 Things Leaders Should Learn to Say.

We've all seen business and political leaders make some remarkably dumb and destructive decisions. What typically comes to mind are major debacles like Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme, the massive fraud at Enron and Worldcom, BP's Gulf oil spill, and the subprime mortgage meltdown.  


But here's the thing. For every famous mega-disaster, a thousand slip under the radar screen. And every time we confront one of these nightmares, big or small, we ask ourselves, "Why do they do it?" Ironically, it rarely has anything to do with leaders' intelligence or even awareness that their actions will likely do more harm than good.


So what's behind the behavior that makes us all wonder how leaders ever managed to get hired, let alone achieve positions of power and authority?



 Go to CBS Money Watch, Click Here
Apple Image 9 Beliefs of Remarkably Successful People

he most successful people in business approach their work differently than most. See how they think--and why it works.

I'm fortunate enough to know a number of remarkably successful people. Regardless of industry or profession, they all share the same perspectives and beliefs.


1. Time doesn't fill me. I fill time. 

2. The people around me are the people I chose.  

3. I have never paid my dues.
4. Experience is irrelevant. Accomplishments are everything.
5. Failure is something I accomplish; it doesn't just happen to me.
6. Volunteers always win.
7. As long as I'm paid well, it's all good.
8. People who pay me always have the right to tell me what to do.
9. The extra mile is a vast, unpopulated wasteland.
Apple Image 8 Things Remarkably Successful People Do

he most successful people in business think and work differently. There is a reason why they achieve a high level of success.

If you are interesting in achieving a high level of success, these are a few of the habits to will need:

1. They don't create back-up plans.
2. They do the work...
3.  ...and they work a lot more.
4. They avoid the crowds.
5. They start at the end...
6. ... and they don't stop there.
7. They sell.
8. They are never too proud. 
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