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June 2016; Issue: 155      

Welcome to summer! The weather has been delightful. We are planning to spend lots of time outdoors enjoy the beach, the mountains, live music, padddling and fishing.

On a recent trip to the Berkshires we saw a black bear in someone's yard. He was determined to break into their trash barrel. He was successful and beautiful!

We then stopped to pick up some eggs at a local farm who have 75 laying hens free ranging around the yard. The farmer John, showed us around his goats and pigs. His "Big Girl" pig was about to have a litter in the next five days. She was about 500 lbs, hence, her name.

Summer is a wonderful time to slow down and enjoy all wonder around us. I've just picked up a book, "On My Own" by Diane Rehm, suggested by my friend Jane. She said it was one of the best books that is helping her after she lost her spouse. My friend George has shared a poem he wrote after the loss of his spouse. It's so moving!

What will you be reading this summer? We'd love to hear.   

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p.s. We just send out a Brexit Market Commentary to clients. Feel free to read it.

p.p.s. We had a magical evening for our Summer Solstice open house on June 15 with about 30+ guests joining us for some cocktails & conversations. Hope to see you at the next one. 
From Bill's Corner 
Escheatment, pretty much what it sounds like

In the late 1800s, a true menace to society robbed more banks than anyone or any gang ever. Dubbed "The King of Bank Robbers," no one knew his true identity until after his death. He was wealthy, a high standing member of society, a patron of the arts, and his name was George Leslie.
Leslie was a brilliant architect. He was well liked and well connected. Having that background during the Gilded Age would have yielded anyone a tidy fortune from his vocation. However, like most criminal masterminds, his primary thoughts were how to use criminal talents to pillage.
He's credited with the most astonishing crime spree in U.S. history. During his time, Leslie was credited with 80 percent of all bank robberies in the United States, including the great Manhattan Savings Institution, arguably the most impregnable building of its time. The theft netted nearly $3 million, approximately $65 million in today's dollars, and marked an easy heist for George Leslie.
Using his connections, his architectural background, his debutant status, he got easy access to building blue prints. He studied entrances and escape routes, built replica models and drilled mock robberies with his team till perfection. He planned every heist obsessively.
It used to be that bad guys, called bank robbers, robbed banks. Now our very own government has developed an elaborate scheme to grab millions from unsuspecting persons right from under their noses. The government's scheme is called escheatment. It's legal.

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