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May 2016; Issue: 154     


As we wrap up May and look forward to summer, we thought we'd share some highlights of our spring conference season and travel.

For the past few years we've attended the Financial Planning Association Retreat which is a deep dive into the "art and science" of financial planning. This year's theme revolved around the importance of storytelling, including understanding your client's story. We were lucky enough to have a Navajo storyteller to join us by the camp fire one night to share a few stories including their story of creation. A truly memorable experience!

This year's retreat brought us to Arizona. Before we got started, we went to Sedona to soak in the natural beauty by hiking and spending as much time outside as possible. The scenery is breathtaking and a very spiritual place. Worth the visit!

We also headed to Atlanta where Bill studied with Ed Slott (Bill's a member of the Master Elite IRA Advisor group) and took a deep dive into IRS private letter rulings relating to IRAs. It even inspired Bill to write his next newspaper column about Escheatment. A topic you'll want to learn more about so watch for the article in our June enewsletter.

While Bill was diligently studying, I took off to explore Atlanta's Piedmont Park and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I was fortunate that the newly installed Chihuly exhibit just opened. Simply stunning!

This summer is shaping up to be full of work related projects but we are planning on some summer days and nights at Tanglewood and on the boat. But before then we will be hosting two events.  
  • On June 8th, we will be hosting the Duxbury Business Association for their monthly meeting. If you have a business in Duxbury or are in business and live in Duxbury--join us! 
  • On June 15th, we will be hosting a Summer Solstice Soiree open house from 5:00-7:00 pm and you are invited. A casual evening of conversations over a cocktail and a snack. Visit our Facebook page for more info. Like us while you are there. Drop us a line and let us know if you will be able to make it. 
What's your summer looking like? Anything we can help with? Just let us know.

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p.s. Congratulations to Bill for being invited to be on the FPA Retreat 2017 planning committee and for his latest article about the difference between SEPs and SIMPLE IRAs in the Journal of Financial Planning. Two terrific national honors! 
From Bill's Corner 

Which plan suits you?

"Please, come in and sit down," says the doctor. "Your test has come back and you are going to need a heart transplant. We have a few options and disclosures we need to discuss about your upcoming surgery. Would you prefer a doctor who will do the best possible surgery, or, would you like a SUITABLE alternative?"
Imagine if your doctor said that to you? Some financial professionals used to be able to work that way, but on April 6 the Department of Labor unleashed the "Fiduciary Rule" applicable to retirement planning accounts. Suitability is now out; working in the best interest of your client is now the law of the land for retirement-related accounts. One would think that was already the case, but it wasn't.
Arguably, the biggest piece of financial legislation since ERISA was created in the 1970s, the Fiduciary Rule is purported to shape the future of the retirement planning landscape for decades to come.
There have been two "standards of care" in the investment and financial advising world, those who deliver advice via the "fiduciary standard" and those who sold product using the "suitability standard."

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Time to Share. Create a Buzz.

In 2013, Cara Belvin founded empowerHER after a recognized need in the community. Her own mother passed away at the age of 37 after a two year battle with breast cancer. Cara was just 9 years old. "EmpowerHER was formed out of the gratitude I felt for all the layers of support I had growing up."

EmpowerHER offers two types of programing for the young girl and their family and all programs are at no charge to the family. They offer group outings such as the signature Mother's Day Retreat or the Annual Summer Beach Blast. Events help to reduce some of the isolation a young girl may feel in her community and help her to see she is not alone.

Secondly, empowerHer offers a one-on-one mentor program for girls of any age. The Organization matches a young girl with a positive role model from the community and recruit, screen, match and support the mentoring relationship throughout the year. Learn more.
Suddenly single? Wait before tackling money matters
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10 things every kid should know about money by age 18
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In the media...on the blog

WH Cornerstone's principal's are tapped by the media to write for and contribute to a variety of publications. Here are our latest contributions.

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And, from our blog...

About us

We are authentic, thoughtful, straight-shooters who provide the sound, visionary stewardship that helps our clients protect their financial foundation while building their wealth.

We are private and independent, which means we have the unique ability to build deep, meaningful relationships with our clients with no competing agendas. We are a legal fiduciary for our clients. We are Fee-Only.

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