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April 2016; Issue: 153    


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How do you invest in yourself to ensure you are always growing and learning?
Maybe you read books. Take classes and workshops. Listen to podcasts and TED Talks. Attend conferences. Well, we do all that!

Conference season is upon us. We spend a lot of time (and money) each year to ensure we are gaining new knowledge and skills--both technical and "soft". We actually find that the "soft skills" often get put to use more often than the technical ones, especially when you are dealing with behavioral finance matters. Also, so many of our clients turn to us in times of transition (death of a spouse, buying a house, changing careers, divorce, retiring) that we really enjoying being able to support them beyond the numbers.

I'll be offering a workshop in May 4 entitled:
Money Mindfulness: a conversation about money for women on May 4. There are six spots still available. It will take place at the Cornerstone Cottage (our office) in Kingston. Let us know if you or someone you know is interested in attending. 

We love hearing from you so if you've got something to share--like your favorite podcast or TED Talk, please reach out. Can we be of assistance to you or someone you care about?

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From Bill's Corner 
Emotional reactions to politics can lead to big investment mistakes

Recently, I returned from a trip from Washington D.C. Peter Forman, president and CEO of the South Shore Chamber, arranged a trip of local business owners and leaders to visit our congressional delegation to discuss the business climate and hurdles the business community is facing. While I had taken this voyage before, this year was particularly interesting primarily because of the presidential election cycle.

Over a few days, we met with congressional staffers, elected officials, organizational think tanks and trade groups. One of the best highlights was the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Capital Markets Summit. The theme of the Summit was ensuring the United States has competitive capital markets and easy access to capital markets. It was fascinating.

During our trip, we had several briefings and sparred with elected officials on small-business issues, import/export trade, banking, energy and infrastructure. While the term "spar" may indicate different points of view, we were in agreement on many issues, especially the promotion and importance of the Plymouth 400 celebration in 2020.

As I sat in on these meetings, I reflected at how complex and large our system of government has become. George Washington once said, "Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." Wow, was he prophetic!

The government is mostly in a holding pattern with each side blaming the other. According to one congressional staffer, there's only 10-12 weeks left in the year to get things done via the legislative process and that was said in mid-March. We consistently heard, "Nothing will get done until after the election."

Like a kid at Christmas, Washington, D.C., is eagerly waiting to see what Santa brings come election time. Washington staffers think they know what to expect with a Hillary or Bernie. However, Donald Trump, a true outsider, has the D.C. regulars on edge.

As a financial services professional, I was frequently asked what I thought the election would do to the markets. I've long since abandoned predicting the market. Politics may have an impact on the market. However, it is just one factor affecting the markets. Oil, corporate earnings, inflation, interest rates and many others factors impact the markets even more.

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Time to Share. Create a Buzz.

The Magical Moon Foundation, located in Marshfield, MA, is a special place where children with cancer and other serious illness are empowered to use their inner strengths to manifest miracles in their lives. Throughout their journey, the children grow stronger and more centered, and they build lasting legacies through their courage and resilience. At the Magical Moon, these young Light Beings are changing the world and those who touch them.

Saturday, April 23rd from 5:00 to 8:00 pm come out to Art on the Point in support of the Magical Moon Foundation. This event brings together over 25 artists under the roof of an old estate on Powder Point in Duxbury. Come join us for music and refreshments, an Island Creek Oyster Bar at the sculpture deck, and artwork everywhere! Tickets are just $25. For more info visit here.
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