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October 2015; Issue: 147
Fall is in the air! October has been a busy month for us. Bill has been studying with his Ed Slott Master Elite IRA Advisor group in Denver last week (and weekend).
Earlier in the month I lived a nine day Tony Robbin's seminar called Life & Wealth Mastery in Marco Island, FL. It was amazing. There were 500 people from all around the world there and my seatmate (from Salem) on the plane was going AND we ended up on the same team the entire time! I met the most amazing people and developed some amazing friendships.

We learned a lot about what it takes to master your life from your health: physically, emotionally and spiritually. We tested ourselves on the first day by climbing a 60 ft telephone pole (with 30 mph winds raging from the backside of hurricane Joaquin) and then jumping off while harnessed). I made it to the top. Got one foot up and slipped while trying to get the other off. It was so empowering! We then launched into a five day food cleanse (my first ever) and never felt hungry. I've developed a taste for wheat grass now! 
We then launched into the four days of wealth master-two days on the psychological part of wealth and then on various tools to measure and build your wealth. I wrote a bit about it in a recent blog post.
It was an amazing experience. Tony Robbins does not teach or lead these programs. He has some very talented leaders: Loren Slocum and Scott Harris who were outstanding guides. As always, I'd be happy to share about my experiences. Just reach out.
Boo! We wish you a fun filled Halloween!
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p.s. This month starts our 13th year of our enewsletter. Thank you for being on the journey with us and reading it! Bill got some national recognition for our enewsletter in Investors Business Daily last month.

From Bill's Corner...

Take a hike!

"A Walk in the Woods" was released earlier this month. If you've read this column over the years, you know I have a fond appreciation for the Appalachian Trail (a.k.a. "the AT"). I often threaten to drag my wife out for a weeklong hiking extravaganza, surviving on nothing but nuts, berries and drinking water from cool mountain streams. Nevertheless, we compromise and get the same experience on a day hike and picnic lunch. Whether you're a day-hiker or a long-distance journeyman, hiking is an amazing adventure. I can walk the AT for hours and totally lose track of time and place. In a way, you enter into a trance with nature being captivated by the beauty and stunning vistas. Other times, you are startled awake by a snake or black bear.
A "Walk in the Woods" was a book written by Bill Bryson and is now a very entertaining movie. The original book by Bryson is worth the read; it's a top 10 on my list. I've read a couple of his books; he has an awesome sense of humor and a natural wit and is magical storyteller.
In any case, Bill Bryson and his friend Stephen Katz hit the trail. In my opinion, the title implies a whimsical stroll through the forest. But these two travelers quickly find out the AT is no simple walk in the woods, rather a grueling, physically challenging hike. But, as Bryson, Katz and every "thru-hiker" knows, the real challenge is a mental one.
It's kind of how you feel every time the market corrects; it becomes a grueling mental test that you can't wait to end. There's an amazing parallel that exist between hiking and investing: Anything can happen. During downturns I reflect on the quote by famous financial journalist Jason Zweig, "Anything is possible, and the unexpected is inevitable. Proceed accordingly."

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