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July 2015; Issue: 144


Welcome to our new readers the Women Mean Business attendees from the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce June luncheon at Plimoth Plantation and the Money Matters on Cape Cod discussion group.

Just as summer enters full swing the financial markets decided to kick into a bit of volatility. We sent out this recent message about what was happening in Greece to our clients. Now, let's hope things remain calm for the rest of the summer so we can all enjoy the season.

We've picnicked at Tanglewood a few times already and have seen great shows from the BSO to Sheryl Crow, Diana Krall and Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga.

We've also been hiking a lot in the Berkshires and this year we have done hikes at totally new places--each of them better than the last! We've done some parts of the Appalachian Trail--which is terrific. Two other highlights have included a historic quarry in Becket and Race Brook Falls in Sheffield. 

All this hiking has me reading The Pilgrimage by Paul Cohelo. It is his personal journey of  walking of El Camino de Santiago. Ever since we watched The Way with Martin Sheen last year, this pilgrimage keeps appearing in my life. Hmmm...


Thanks to those of you who have reached out to us recently to help you create a bigger future than your past! We are excited to be starting a number of new relationships this summer. If we can assist you in any way, please let us know. Also, keep sharing those book suggestions. We are enjoying them! Make sure to read Bill's column below for more ideas. 




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From Bill's Corner...

Summer reads can make you fiscally fit


The Fitbit craze, yet another trend I just don't get! I'll stick to reading!


Fitbit went public last week. In its first moments of trading, it shot out of the blocks surging more than 50 percent. Fitbit is an amazing story, not only about a trendy wearable-Internet-connected fitness device, but also about fiscal fitness. Fitbit's been getting in shape. It had losses in 2012 and 2013, but in 2014 Fitbit's training paid off. Profits zoomed, and based on their surging IPO, investors have noticed. How's that for fiscal fitness? Hopefully, Fitbit will stay in shape.


Wearable devices, like the Fitbit and the Apple Watch, are the new rage. Fitbit is a device that you wear on your wrist that monitors fitness activity, sleep habits, fluid and food intake, etc. It sends regular reminders about your fitness progress, or lack thereof. I have a message to all you Fitbit wearing, fitness gurus: "It's summer!" Lay off the exercise. Head to the beach and crack open a good book.


As an avid reader (and an often exercise slacker), I'm going to share my 2015 summer reading list. Reads that will get you fiscally fit. As we head into the summer season, I hope that you find this suggested reading list enjoyable and informative.


Read more... 

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