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a fun, fabulous, financial newsletter
a fun, fabulous, financial newsletter
February 2015; Issue: 139

It's been all about the snow in "Snowchusetts" over the last month. I won't lie...there is a lot of it. But I love it! Yes. I said that out loud.

I find a tremendous amount of beauty and peace in all that white stuff. It has forced us all to just slow down a bit. Cozy up in our homes. Reconnect with our neighbors as we are out shoveling. It has been very satisfying helping out those who need some shoveling done while they are recouping from an illness or who could just use an extra hand.

On February 1st, I began a 30-Day Minimalism Challenge. The timing was perfect! These 30 one-day assignments to help you live a simpler, more intentional life with less stuff but more time and energy for the people and things you love. It has really helped me to think and act differently. Why not give it a try?

We know that not all of our readers are local, so I thought I'd share an "outside in" view of the Cornerstone Cottage on a recent evening. The snow and icicles just magnify the warmth and charm of our space. We love to watch the faces of new folks as they enter the main room and realize it's a log cabin. So many people say "I could live here!". It's such a wonderful compliment for us to hear.

So, when are you going to pop by for a visit and a cup of coffee or tea? Some tea's we are serving these days include: black vanilla, a white apricot, a mango chili green rooibos or strawberry vanilla red.

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From Bill's Corner...
Spartan Race 2014

Happy 40th birthday, IRA

Who would have expected that the Studebaker Packard Corp. going broke in 1963 would be the impetuous for the IRA (Individual Retirement Arrangement)? The Studebaker pension disaster began the legislative process that eventually led to Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) in 1974, and then to IRAs. Pension insurance and portability became the issue, but it dragged on because business was against it.


In 1972, the pension problem drew national attention after NBC highlighted the issue on a news program titled: "Pensions: The Broken Promise." Ralph Nader proposed that corporate pensions be transferred to personal accounts (rather than stay with the employer). A version of this idea eventually became known as a "rollover." President Gerald Ford signed ERISA into law on Labor Day, Sept. 2, 1974.


As pensions began to fade away, lifetime employment at a single employer also began to fade away. The individual was no longer so financially tied to one organization and now free to change employment more frequently as the rollover IRA became more and more popular.

Time to Share. Create a Buzz.

There is a wonderful place called Hope Floats Healing & Wellness Center based in Kingston, MA.

It is a bereavement and educational center for individuals and families who are grieving or facing other life challenges. Their mission is to help people cope with loss, support their healing, and nurture their physical and emotional well-being.

Hope Floats provides quality services to support the wellness of each individual in a peaceful and nurturing environment. Take a peek at all they have to offer.

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