December 2014 
Issue: 137
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2014 was an outstanding year for us professionally and personally, with lots of highlights. Our trip to Alaska and the fishing we did in on remote streams definitely ranks at the top.


We also "sharpened the saw" quite a bit by attending industry conferences like our local Financial Planning Association quarterly meetings, the national Financial Planning Retreat, Ed Slott Elite IRA Advisor training, MarketCounsel Summit and Tony Robbin's Unleash the Power Within seminar. We recommend investing in yourself. It has the potential to pay huge dividends.

We are already looking forward to making 2015 our best year yet and hope you are too! While we've already identified a number of ways we will keep learning. We are still trying to decide on how we can top our "Alaskan Adventure" vacation. We are open to suggestions, so feel free to share some.


We wish you and your family a magical holiday season and many blessings for the New Year. Merry Christmas.    




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p.s. I set an intention last month: I would personally meet and talk to Tony Robbins at an upcoming industry conference. Well, I met & talked with Tony last week in Las Vegas. What intention(s) will you set for 2015?


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From Bill's corner...  


Getting financially Fit      

My new challenge to everyone is to get financially fit. Modest changes will produce big results. The best way to start is to get educated.


Over the past month, I've helped the Duxbury Council on Aging deliver the financial educational portion of the Aging Mastery Program, or AMP for short. AMP is a national program that aims to help millions of older adults take key steps to improve their welfare and add stability to their lives. AMP focuses on health, stronger financial security and overall well-being.


Joanne Moore, Angela Sinnott and the team at the Duxbury Senior Center run awesome programs. I was grateful to be part of it. Every Wednesday morning for three weeks in a row, we met at the Duxbury Senior Center. We started with a great breakfast and then dug in to our subject matter. We discussed the usual financial topics: budgeting, financial planning, estate planning, insurances, stocks and bonds. Last week, we spent the entire morning discussing fraud schemes and identity theft issues. We learned how to protect ourselves. We had a special guest, Sgt. Kristin Golden from the Duxbury Police Department, come to brief us on some the latest scams working their way around our district. There's scary stuff out there, so be on guard!


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 Looking for something to do this New Year's Eve? Bring in the New Year "close to home", while giving back to the local community and Plymouth's 400th Anniversary celebrations at Plymouth Rock's New Year's Eve. Adorn yourself in either true Venetian style or a graceful black tie/gown. Place on a masquerade mask and allow your alter ego to take over. Memorial Hall will be magically transformed into a Venetian Palace. Enjoy live music, dancing, fantastic costumes, hors d'oeuvres and midnight champagne toast.

fireworks-summer.jpg Of course, there is always Boston's First Night celebration too.

Founded in 1976, First Night was started by artists who sought an alternative to traditional New Year's Eve revelry. The celebration has grown from a small arts event centered on the Boston Common to an arts festival that showcases work by local, national and international artists.  


This event annually showcases the work of 1,000 artists in 200 performances and exhibits at over 30 indoor and outdoor venues located throughout the Back Bay area on New Year's Eve. For more information about First Night events and programs visit

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