July 2014 
Issue: 132
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Since our last newsletter, we took a two week Awesome Alaskan Adventure! We took about a year to plan for this "bucket list" trip. Just like in our business, we are not like everyone else, in our personal life we are not either-we did not take a cruise.


Kenei River in Cooper Landing, AK

The main purpose of our trip was to visit a fishing lodge on the Naknek River out of King Salmon. But since we were traveling so far, we decided to maximize a visit to central Alaska. We flew in and out of Anchorage and enjoyed exploring the Kenei peninsula. We hiked, floated, paddled and boated our way around towns like Cooper Landing and Seward. We went to places that few people visit each day and it was exhilarating! 


Our fishing trip was quite successful-especially for me since it was my first time! We brought home 77 lbs of king and sockeye salmon.  Our favorite day started with a float plane ride to "Postcard Lake" and a mile hike across the tundra to Contact Creek in the backcountry wilderness of Katmai National Park. Within 10 minutes Bill caught his first fish and we saw our first grizzly cross the creek about 50 feet away. We caught so many fish it was awesome and we got to see four grizzly bears including one that crossed the creek about 20 feet across from us. We then hiked out one of the bear trails, across the tundra for about 45 minutes to be picked up by the float plane on a larger lake to fly back to the lodge. 


Stayed tuned. I'll be doing blog posts about our trip with photos and observations of Alaska.

We'd love to hear what you have planned this summer. Anything on your "bucket list" you need our assistance setting a plan to achieve? Drop us a line.




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Paula with a Dolly Varden Trout
p.s. You can watch the live cam of the bears "fishing" in the Brooks Falls.

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From Bill's corner... 


Splitting Hairs     


It was Friday, May 30. I had just finished a meeting. It was late in the afternoon, and I was ready to start the weekend. The stripers were running, and it was time to catch some "keepahs." Before departing for the day, I listened to the voicemail flashing in my inbox. It was from a client who said, "It's urgent! We needed to talk ASAP," but no other details were left. He left not just a voicemail but the same client sent a similar text and e-mail. I was very concerned. By his tone, I wondered if my client was diagnosed with a terminal illness.


I immediately called him back. He said, "Apple's splitting seven ways till Sunday, and I need to load up on it." Hardly, a terminal illness.


Since early spring, I have been informed, re-informed and cross-examined by my local barrister, father-in-law and landscaper. They were all spreading the word that Apple is splitting.


Newsflash: stock splits are a non-event. In theory, if I give you two new crispy $50-dollar bills in exchange for a $100-dollar bill, your net worth is unchanged. While you now have twice as many pieces of paper in your wallet, you still have that same $100 market value. A stock split is exactly the same thing.  


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Community Supported Agriculture is a community of individuals who pledge support to a farmer, typically in the winter during a time of low to no income at the farm. In exchange, you receive a "share" of the farms bounty during the growing season.



The risk is you don't know what you will receive each week but that can be exciting. Sometimes you are challenged to figure out how to use five different types of lettuce or 10 cucumbers in one week. Or you are disappointed that the entire zucchini crop drowned several times and there just were not any that year.


For the past four years we've had a CSA share at Sauchuk Farm in Plympton and we love it!

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