June 2014 
Issue: 131
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Are you as excited as I am? It's almost summer! A time to relax, rejuvenate and connect with friends & family.

Summer is a great to time to read. Catch some live music outdoors. Spend time in nature--maybe at the beach or on a golf course.

This summer we are taking a "trip of a lifetime". A visit to Alaska. The main focus of the trip is a conference at a remote fishing lodge but we will also be exploring Anchorage and Seward. I'll be sure to share some highlights of the trip on our blog and in upcoming issues of the newsletter. So stay tuned!

We'd love to hear what you have planned this summer. Drop us a line.




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From Bill's corner... 


High Frequency Trading    


On July 3, 2009, as Sergey Aleynikov sat on a plane from Chicago back to New Jersey, he had no idea about what twisted fate life had in store for him. A programmer by trade, he had recently left his job at Goldman Sachs for brighter pastures. Little did he know, the FBI sat patiently waiting for his plane to land at Newark airport.


Goldman had notified legal authorities over a suspected stolen computer code by Aleynikov. Goldman claimed that somebody who knew how to use the stolen code could manipulate financial markets on a wide scale. Aleynikov was being deemed a national security threat.


When the plane landed, Sergey Aleynikov was arrested and charged with improperly stealing code that performs "sophisticated, high-speed and high-volume trades on various stock and commodity markets."


In the summer of 2009, most folks were concerned with the Great Recession. Terms like "mortgage meltdown" and "credit default swaps" were the most frequently cited reasons for the recession. The term "high speed trader" was seldom heard. Even today, the term is relatively unused. However, a recent book by Michael Lewis titled Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt may mainstream the term. 


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5 keys for a smooth take-off into retirement
How to own a vacation home-with someone else
Age 70 is the new 65
10 things not to buy in 2014
13 tips to getting the best hotel room deals
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Estes National Park
Estes National Park
Free Fun Fridays! Thanks to the Highland Street Foundation you can visit 66 museums and cultural events in every corner of Massachusetts on Fridays this summer! Maybe you'd like to check out Hancock Shaker Village in Pittsfield or Plimoth Plantation or Tanglewood or Franklin Park Zoo. Well, this is your chance. Check out the schedule and start planning your "free days" now.

Also, America's Best Idea - the national parks - is even better when it's free! Check out Free Entrance Days in the National Parks. There are still three more days for 2014 so check it out.
5 keys for a smooth take-off into retirement      

Five years before you leave the workforce, kick your retirement planning into full gear to ensure a successful transition.

How to own a vacation home-with someone else  

Teaming up with friends or family may be the only way to afford it. The trick is in the sharing. 
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Age 70 is the new 65 -- here's why

Thanks to the Social Security delayed retirement credit, waiting those extra five years can mean larger benefits.
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10 things not to buy in 2014


Dying technologies aren't the only unnecessary drain on our wallets.
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13 tips to getting the best hotel room deals              


No single method or tool will land you an excellent rate, but you have plenty of ways to save.

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In the media...on the blog

WH Cornerstone's principal's are tapped by the media to write for and contribute to a variety of publications. Here are our latest contributions.
  • INVESTORS, PLANS AND MONEY: High Frequency Trading

    Old Colony Memorial, May 23, 2014

  • Paula Harris quoted in: BUSINESS PANEL: Where's the smart money headed next?

    The Patriot Ledger, June 7, 2014

  • Bill Harris interviewed in: The Other Side of Money: What is the greatest lesson your father taught you about money?

    KBK Wealth Connection, June, 2014

And, from our blog... 

How The Stock Market Is Like A Soap Opera! 

And then, it dawned on me one day while talking to a client-the stock market is just like a soap opera! If you spend time watching it everyday, especially throughout the day-it can be a wild ride. Read more...


Modern Family & Per Stirpes 

One of the most popular shows on TV today is Modern Family. As you know, Modern Family is a about an extended, non traditional family and their interactions. While it is a sitcom, the new non-traditional family is anything but a make believe TV show. Read more... 

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