April 2014 
Issue: 129
Sound, visionary stewardship


Writing is becoming a part of my life. I enjoy finding a way to share a story. Create a connection. I recently spent a week at a Deep Writing Workshop at Kripalu and shared my experience in a very popular blog post. I'm working on a book focused on what you wish you knew before you were widowed.


Since the workshop, I've been getting up early to write. 30 minutes is a perfect amount of time to complete a blog post. It's been fun. I've been writing some future posts such as: how an estate planning issue brought me to mozzarella, the stock market is really like watching a soap opera, paying the "idiot tax" and WH Cornerstone-a chef run restaurant. I'm enjoying exercising the creative part of the mind. Watch for them.


It's been a busy spring. Thank goodness tax season is behind us. We've hosted so many clients, new clients, business partners and friends at the "Cornerstone Cottage" over the past few months. Thanks for all the fabulous feedback and encouragement. Owning an office is like owning another home-the projects never end! This spring we will install new windows and tackle some landscaping projects. Soon we will schedule an open house and we will be sure to let you know.


What's been happening with you? We'd love hear your latest adventure so feel free to share.  




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From Bill's corner... 


That time of the year   


Benjamin Franklin once said, "nothing is certain but death and taxes: but at least death doesn't get worse every year." It's tax season time. Like it or not, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is your silent partner. Come April 15, your silent partner will be taking a look at your books. If they do not like what they see, there may be a knock at your door.


Taxes, in general, have been around since the beginning of civilization. The earliest known tax was implemented in Mesopotamia over 4,500 years ago.   

Taxes may be old, but the way we pay taxes has changed significantly. In the United States, the tax system has evolved dramatically through the nation's history. Initially, tariffs were the main source of revenue for the government. In fact, income taxes weren't created until 1861 during the Civil War (Internal Revenue Act in 1862). In 1913, the sixteenth amendment was passed granting Congress the power to collect taxes on income. And, oh boy, they've gotten very good at their collections. 

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If you're not saving, you're losing out
10 dirty secrets of the credit card industry
Tax planning after death
How to save money on the prom
10 tips to ensure your yard sale is worth it
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If you're not saving, you're losing out    


We're supposedly in a new era of financial sobriety. Yet the evidence suggests otherwise.

Amid the rubble of the 2008 financial crisis, there was talk of a return to thrift. For a brief period, it looked like it might happen. But that proved to be a statistical blip, not a permanent change. To understand what's happened, consider the longer-term story.


10 dirty secrets of the credit card industry

The less you know about the plastic in your wallet, the more it could cost you.

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Tax planning after death


The IRS demands a final accounting for the deceased and it's up to your executor, or your survivors, to file the paperwork.

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How to save money on the prom   


Keep the costs of formal wear, flowers, photos and more under control with these tips.

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10 tips to ensure your yard sale is worth it             


Selling your old stuff can be a real hassle if you don't start off with a plan.


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In the media...on the blog


WH Cornerstone's principal's are tapped by the media to write for and contribute to a variety of publications. Here are our latest contributions.
  • INVESTORS, PLANS AND MONEY: That time of the year
    Old Colony Memorial, March 28, 2014
  • BUSINESS PANEL: Does political posturing affect global or local business trends?
    Patriot Ledger, March 22/23, 2014

And, from our blog... 

Kickstarter & Cheese 

Want to feel inspired? Visit Kickstarter to learn about all of the ambitious, innovative, and imaginative projects [...]...

"Quieting your life is the key to your writing," said the instructor [...]...
Recently, I gathered at Babson College with a hundred fabulous women for a conference geared for women. [...]...
 According to the President, it's time "Harmonize" the RMD rules for Roth IRAs and other retirement accounts. Yikes. [...]...

Yesterday, President Obama unveiled his fiscal-year 2015 budget and below are the potential impacts to retirement plans. Last year, six out of the seven provisions detailed below, or similar versions of them, were included in President Obama's fiscal-year 2014 budget. Repeat: none of them were enacted from last year's budget. These are proposals only. This [...]...

The Fiduciary Standard and You
In the investment field, there are two primary parties who are able to offer investment advice to individuals. These parties are investment advisors and investment brokers who work for brokers-dealers. Many consumers may consider the investment advice they receive from each party as similar, but there is a key difference that may not be completely [...]...
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