March 2014 
Issue: 128
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Spring is coming! spring-word-flowers.jpg I know many folks are concerned it may not be but just like death and taxes, one can be assured that the seasons will change here in New England.

Spring is such a wonderful time of renewal. So, while you've got out all your financial information to complete your taxes, take a moment to: If you need to refocus yourself on making sure that 2014 is a fabulous year then check out the tool in the Create A Buzz section below. If we can assist you in making your the most of your financial life, please reach out. Happy Spring!



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From Bill's corner... 


What's the skinny on MyRA?  


This year, a certain part of the president's State of the Union address caught my attention, M-Y-R-A or MyRA savings plan, "a safe, easy-to-use starter savings account to help millions of middle class Americans save for retirement."


As a Certified Financial Practitioner, I am always in favor of incentives that create savings. Americans, in general, are grossly underprepared for retirement. Anything that jumpstarts retirement savings is a positive step in the right direction.

Regardless of the positives, MyRAs have faced notable criticism.

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Why you are spending more and enjoying it less
14 IRS audit red flags
Renting a car?
Can't save?
13 infamous tax cheaters
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falling_leaves.jpg The power of intention. It can change your life! Maybe your started out 2014 with "resolutions". Maybe it's going well or maybe you are stuck. Well, try Your Word of the Year Discovery Tool. Many people find it more effective to choose a word or phrase to help them bring clarity to what they most want to happen for them. Do this exercise and see what ONE word captures your year. And, align your thoughts and actions to make 2014--your best year yet!
Why you are spending more and enjoying it less   


Financial advisers agree. Americans spend way too much. But fear not: There are a few ways you can rein in your spending before it's too late.  

14 IRS audit red flags  

Although there's no sure way to avoid an IRS audit, these 14 red flags could increase your chances of unwanted attention from the IRS.
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Renting a car? Make sure you're adequately insured.


Think twice before turning down rental-car insurance on your next trip. Even if you already have an auto policy, experts say, you should read its fine print-and check with your carrier-before determining if you'll need additional coverage for a rental car.

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Can't save? Change your plan.   


Maybe you should move to a Roth retirement account.
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13 infamous tax cheaters              


Playing games with the IRS didn't turn out so well for the folks on this list.

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In the media... 


WH Cornerstone's principal's are tapped by the media to write for and contribute to a variety of publications. Here are our latest contributions.
  • Bill Harris offers up some financial advice from his new office at 13 Tremont St. in Kingston. Video view... 
  • INVESTORS, PLANS AND MONEY: What's the skinny on MyRA?
    Old Colony Memorial, February 28, 2014
  • BUSINESS PANEL: Obamacare not too much of a headache for local business
    Patriot Ledger, February 15, 2014
  • WH Cornerstone Investments Moves to Kingston
    Kingston Reporter, February 7, 2014
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