November 2013  
Issue: 124
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If you are like me, you can hardly believe the holiday season is upon us already. Maybe it's been all this beautiful fall weather?

We just returned from the Boulder, CO area. Bill attended the Financial Planning Association's Chapter Leader conference (he's a MA board member). While he was soaking in all types of new knowledge, I had the opportunity to explore the area.

ChautauquaI had never been to Colorado before and was struck by the awesome beauty of the Rockies! Boulder was such a cool place--fabulous restaurants, lots of outdoor activities, the Celestial Seasonings tour (for a tea drinker--nirvana!) and, oh, the views!
Then I ventured to Rocky Mountain National Forest. I left Boulder in the high 50s and arrived to a blustery, snowy day about 28 degrees. Elevation really matters!

My quest was to find wildlife. About half way through I stumbled upon a baker's dozen of mule deer at the side of the road. They were so docile as they munch their way from one side of the road to the other. After a few more hours of exploring it was time to leave the park and get some lunch. As I exited, I came upon this herd of elk. There were about 50 of them just quietly laying there. It was the icing on the cake for me!
Elk herd
May you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving filled with many blessings of the season. Thank you for allowing us to share our enewsletter with you. We are most grateful.



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From Bill's corner... 


Open season on confusion  


If it's fall, it must be Medicare open-enrollment season. When researching this topic, I figured a little anecdotal field research would be quite interesting. What a better time to start my research than over breakfast with my in-laws. Discussing health coverage is always an important, although often ignored, financial planning topic. While it might take courage to ask the in-laws health insurance questions, it takes skill to get an answer. I never got a clear answer, mostly because they continue to be very confused as to what they have.

The Medicare open-enrollment process for seniors can be confusing, and it may be made more so by the Obamacare debate. 

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The "top 10" financial mistakes women make   


Ladies, we all make mistakes. Are you making any of these? 


Stores get stingy about returns         


As you're double-checking your holiday shopping list, tack on a reminder to read each store's return policy before making your purchase. Some retailers are feeling a little less generous when it comes to returns.


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How to save $1000 by Black Friday


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Much ado about adviser compensation


Few investors truly understand how financial advisers get paid. And that confusion could cost them.

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What NOT to buy at dollar stores          


Here are 11 things you are better off purchasing elesewhere. 


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WH Cornerstone's principal's are tapped by the media to write for and contribute to a variety of publications. Here are our latest contributions.
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    Duxbury Reporter, October 25, 2013
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    Patriot Ledger, October 19/20, 2013
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