October 2013  
Issue: 123
Sound, visionary stewardship


Fall is a time of change--shorter days, leaves turn then fall and we shift ourselves back to an indoor life.

Well, there is lots of change going on here! First of all, we have redesigned our website and launched a blog. Please check them out and let us know what you think.

You know how we are always challenging YOU to dream big? Well, we we've been doing some dreaming of our own. In fact, our big dream has become a reality. Introducing the Cornerstone Cottage! Later this fall, we will be moving our headquarters to a new space in Kingston, Massachusetts.

Creating an unique space to better serve our clients has always been one of our goals. This investment will allow us to provide:  
  • A warm and welcoming space for you to think big thoughts about your future.
  • A collaborative environment to work on your financial plan, scenario planning along the way.
  • An inspiring place to host seminars and workshops to help you further your financial knowledge.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Cornerstone Cottage at an upcoming meeting and/or open house.

We'd love to hear what happening with you this fall. Please share.



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p.s. We are proud to be a Registered Investment Advisor. Learn more about the benefits of working with an RIA. 



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From Bill's corner... 


The Dow from then to now 


I recently spent a "guys weekend" at a cabin in the woods. For three straight days, three old college buddies orchestrated a marathon fishing excursion in several remote mountain lakes.  

Three days, three kayaks, no television, no Internet. It led to in-depth conversations of old girlfriends, the Patriots, the Bruins, the Red Sox's chance at the pennant, politics and the price of tea in China. There might have been some spinning of the yarn as we revitalized the old war stories.


The three of us - a nuclear engineer, a Wall Street lawyer and a Certified Financial Planner Practioner - can usually have some pretty stimulating conversations.


One cool, foggy afternoon, when the fish were being elusive, the question arose of "what's up with the Dow?"


"Funny you should ask," I replied as we paddled through the lily pads. "It's the biggest shake-up of the 30-stock index in almost a decade. Now grab yourself a beer, and I'll tell you some more while I change fishing gear."

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What each spouse should know about finances
How to ask a pal or relative to pay you back
A plan for making a financial plan
How to ask a sibling to chip in for mom or dad's care
What to buy at dollar stores
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What each spouse should know about finances  


But both spouses should have at least a baseline understanding of the family finances, the experts say--and this seldom seems to be the case.

How to ask a pal or relative to pay you back        


As far as unpleasant tasks go, asking a relative or friend to repay a loan ranks up there with getting your wisdom teeth pulled or spending a weekend alone with your in-laws.


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A plan for making a financial plan


Those who set goals and have a clear plan for their financial future spend their money more effectively and save more than those who don't, and they are more confident in their abilities.


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How to ask a sibling to chip in for mom or dad's care


Use this talk to get your brother to spare a dime and lend a hand.


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What to buy at dollar stores          


Here are ten things that truly are good deals at these discount retailers

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In the media... 


WH Cornerstone's principal's are tapped by the media to write for and contribute to a variety of publications. Here are our latest contributions.
  • INVESTORS, PLANS AND MONEY: The Dow from then to now
    Duxbury Reporter, September 20, 2013
  • Paula Harris quoted in: The Wage Increase Debate with the Ledger Economic Advisory Panel
    Patriot Ledger, September 21, 2013   
  • Paula Harris quoted in: The Fed Chair Choice
    Patriot Ledger, October 19/20, 2013
About us

We are authentic, thoughtful, straight-shooters who provide the sound, visionary  stewardship that helps our clients protect their financial foundation while building their wealth.


We are private and independent, which means we have the unique ability to build deep, meaningful relationships with our clients with no competing agendas.


We have several decades of broad financial and business expertise that enables us to knowledgeably advise on a wide range of financial and business affairs and to help our clients navigate the sea of complexity with confidence.


We are strong believers in the power of near-term, actionable planning and disciplined focus on forward-facing goals.


We are at our best when we help our clients optimize their financial resources to realize their goals and dreams.   


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