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May 2013  
Issue: 118
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This time of year there are lots of family events: Mother's & Father's Day, First Communions & Confirmations, and graduations. These are celebratory and milestone events. But often life changes in an instant. And, those we love are left unprepared.

While you are spending time with the important people in your life--your parents or your children--give them the best gift possible: peace of mind. No one likes to talk about the "what if scenarios" but they do happen.  Earlier this month, we lost a friend to fatal car crash.

Please consider letting those you love know if you've done your estate planning. If someone who loves you opens up the conversation, take the opportunity to have a meaningful dialogue. This just might be that special, lasting, impactful gift. Can we help you facilitate a discussion or be a sounding board? Reach out and let us know.


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 Paula's CGCD arrangementp.s. Earlier this month I entered the  standard flower show--Under the Big Top--put on by the Community Garden Club of Duxbury. Here is my parallel design in the category of "Bright Lights".   








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From Bill's corner... 


The new world of digital currency: Bitcoins  


In less than a month, a thinly traded, obscure currency quintupled, climbing on trading exchanges from roughly $50 in mid-March to a high of $266 April 10. Then, as quickly as it inflated, a bubble burst, crashing the currency down more than 75 percent before climbing right back up again to the mid $130-range. The price of this currency has increased almost 20-fold this year.


During this same time, a Cyprus bank bailout has been in play. Ultimately, the deal will restructure Cyprus's largest banks and force their creditors and large depositors to take massive losses.


Failing banking systems are usually big events that drive up gold prices. As the price of gold crumbled and approached a 52-week low, however, this other currency emerged and surged. Did Cypriot and European depositors fleeing a failing banking system use this currency as an exit strategy? This event may be a footnote in history, or it may mark the beginning of a new world order for currency, a virtual or digital currency called Bitcoin.


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Timing your Social Security benefits
What's your retirement "number"?
Smart ways to boost your 401(k)
Sell your used textbooks online
21 secrets to saving on travel
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In this crazy world, the unexpected happens. A dramatic change in life can occur at any time, with devastating effect.  Change can result from a natural disaster such as flood or fire, from a personal crisis such as divorce, illness or death, or from a completely unexpected occurrence such as an accident.

The What if ... Workbook has been created to serve as a comprehensive guide assisting individuals and families in putting their personal affairs and final wishes in order as a Gift of Preparedness to those who may be affected in the event of the aforementioned life changes. This could be the ultimate gift for your loved ones. Get one today. 

Timing is everything when it comes to benefits   


Let your decision on when to retire be a monetary one that will give you the best bang from your Social Security benefits.


What's your retirement "number"?     


The quick-and-dirty formulas are meant to motivate you to save more.


Imagine planning for a vacation you'll be taking some 20, 30 or even 40 years from now. You don't know where it will be, how much it will cost or how long it will last, but you're tasked with saving a chunk of every paycheck toward that trip until the day you embark on it. You're not even sure how much to save or when you have saved enough. Crazy, huh?


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Smart ways to boost your 401(k)


These seven steps will help you build your retirement nest egg.

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Sell your used textbooks online


As your college student(s) close the book on another school year, they should consider selling their unwanted textbooks online.


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21 secrets to saving on travel               


Follow this handy guide to bagging the best bargains on your next vacation.


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