CDC Reaches Major Milestone in the Reclamation of St. Louis Quarry

Commercial Development Company, Inc. (CDC) recently reached a major milestone in the reclamation of their Des Peres Quarry site in West St. Louis County. Twenty years of reclamation has transformed the once-blighted area and prepared it for new economic development. Ongoing construction includes a Provision Living assisted living center, a 254-unit luxury apartment complex, a 211-room Marriott Residence Inn and Courtyard Hotel, and 50,000 sq./ft. class-A office building.  
1994: 180 ft deep rock quarry, environmental hazard 
Twenty-five years ago, the 27-acre quarry was an "orphaned property" in unincorporated St. Louis County, unclaimed by surrounding municipalities. CDC purchased the site in 1994 and began a process of filling the quarry with inert fill, consisting of clean dirt, asphalt, concrete, sand, and rock. Approximately 5,250,000 cubic yards of fill material was used to transform this site into one of the largest infill development tracts available at the Hwy 270 - Manchester corridor. 

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CDC Reaches Milestone in the Reclamation of Des Peres Quarry

EAG Announces Guaranteed Fixed-Price Remediation (GFPR)

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If environmental liabilities are impacting your operations, transactions, or balance sheet, please contact us. ELT can assume the liability (with or without real estate) and provide robust indemnification from all environmental obligations.

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In response to a market demand for cost-controlled environmental remediation, EnviroAnalytics Group (EAG) is now offering three levels of environmental project management to external clients: Time & Materials, Guaranteed Fixed-Price, and Environmental Liability Transfers. 

Since 2008, EAG has been the captive project management team for Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc. (ELT) - a major North American environmental risk assumption firm. EAG's aggressively-minded group of engineers, geologists, PhDs, and lawyers have consistently achieved regulatory closure well below third-party cost estimates and prior to timeline goals. Years of internal success compelled EAG management to transition the service externally.

"Our relationship with ELT has hardwired our team to operate with the owner's best interest in mind" said Adam Kovacs, VP of Business Development at EAG. "As we transition this service externally, our competitive advantage remains intact - a culture designed to lower cost parameters and expedite project timelines without forfeiting quality of work. All while maintaining a keen eye on regulatory compliance and public health and safety."

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Our sustainable redevelopment strategy has repurposed hundreds of environmentally-impacted properties throughout North America. Sites in the later stages of environmental clean-up are available for purchase or lease.

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We have found that a brownfield site will remain in a perpetual state of decay until engaged by an outside catalyst. CDC, ELT, and EAG can jumpstart environmentally-distressed properties by providing a fresh infusion of capital, a legal transfer of environmental risk, a fully-funded clean-up plan, and a fresh vision for redevelopment.
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CDC, ELT, and EAG comprise one of North America's fastest growing brownfield redevelopment and environmental clean-up and consulting firms. Our focus is finding win-win solutions to environmentally-impacted real estate and helping clients navigate the complexities of environmental liabilities within the areas of: real estate development, environmental liability transfers, strategic redevelopment planning, risk management, and environmental remediation. 

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