CDC Purchases Bay Area Brownfield Site, ELT Assumes Environmental Risk

For several decades, this property in Antioch, CA was a paper mill operated by Gaylord Container Corporation until it was retired and demolished in 2002. Since closing, environmental impact from past operations has limited redevelopment options. CDC's acquisition gives new potential to redevelop this attractive waterfront industrial site. 
In addition to selling surplus real estate to CDC, this transaction enabled the seller to transfer environmental obligations to Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc. (ELT).  ELT assumed responsibility for legacy environmental liabilities associated with the site and its former operators. Read More

Earlier this month, CDC met with local leadership and community stakeholders to strategize about the future of the retired Picway coal-fired power plant outside Columbus, OH. Local perspective is a critical element to a successful brownfield clean-up and redevelopment project! Read More
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CDC Purchases Bay Area Brownfield, ELT Assumes Risk

CDC & Community Strategize Future of Retired  Coal-Fired Power Plant

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If environmental liabilities are impacting your operations, transactions, or balance sheet, please contact us. ELT can assume the liability (with or without real estate) and provide robust indemnification from all environmental obligations.

Additionally, ELT can leaseback real estate, acquire under-performing assets, and provide other innovative capital solutions to mitigate environmental risk.

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CDC's sustainable redevelopment strategy has repurposed hundreds of environmentally-impacted properties throughout North America. Sites in the later stages of environmental clean-up are available for purchase or lease - we recently added these listings to the CDC website, for those interested. Read More

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We have found that a brownfield site will remain in a perpetual state of decay until engaged by an outside catalyst. CDC, ELT, and EAG can jumpstart environmentally-distressed properties by providing a fresh infusion of capital, a legal transfer of environmental risk, a fully-funded clean-up plan, and a fresh vision for redevelopment.
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CDC, ELT, and EAG comprise one of North America's fastest growing brownfield redevelopment and environmental clean-up and consulting firms. Our focus is finding win-win solutions to environmentally-impacted real estate and helping clients navigate the complexities of environmental liabilities within the areas of: real estate development, environmental liability transfers, strategic redevelopment planning, risk management, and environmental remediation. 

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