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Fall activities in Yogafactory: 



In the beginning of November we are inviting you on a 10-days retreat in India. For more info click here or take a look on the board in the studio.
On Wednesday the 2nd of September, after the meditation class, we will host an info meeting for those of you who are interested. 
Some have already signed up and payed to secure their spot on the retreat. 
 You might want to do the same, spots are running out!

 Please let us know if you will be there on the 2nd.


Is that you?
Go deeper with your practice and join our Work Shops below;

'Descend Into Yourself'
6.9. from 14.00-17.00 
read more here 

'Transformational Breath' 
11.9. from 17.00-20.00 
read more here

'Introduction to Yoga'
12.9. from 14.30-17.00
read more here

'Womens Circle'
20.9. from 14.30-17.30 
 read more here
'Aerial Yoga'
3.10. from 14.30-17.00
read more here

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 If you have a membership and want to pause it for vacation then please let us know how many days (minimum 14) a few days in advance.