Farewell to Alicia...



Our dear friend and teacher is homebound after 2 years in Denmark.

Alicia has brought wisdom, light and spirit to Yogafactory and we are all going to miss her. 

If you want a chance to say a proper goodbye, then join us for her last Friday Vinyasa Flow practice the 12th of June at 17.00

Afterwards we will serve a glass of wine or Chi coconut water.


Let us keep this as a surprise for Alicia, so shhh.....



Nepal donation Workshop the 21.6. from 14.30-17.00

Summer Solstice Yin/Yang
Join us for a special afternoon event in celebration of the summer solstice and to extend the light of our yoga practice to a charitable cause. Together, we will indulge in a yoga practice consisting of both slow, deep Yin poses and invigorating, upbeat Vinyasa. The combination of a Yin/Yang practice creates a profound feeling of balance and revitalization in the body. The workshop will culminate in a sweet round of savasana, mantra and meditation.


It is free to sign up - so bring cash for this workshop!
Suggested donation 300,- ( 100% goes to the cause).
2 1/2 hours

The money will be donated to Nepal as the people suffer from the terrible earthquakes and the after effects. All the money will be given to Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund. 
Sign up here



Why drink coconut water?


We love coconut water! 
That is why we have brought it back to Yogafactory.
We have decided that it has to be easy to administrate, therefore we urge you to please pay even money in the box below the refrigerator in lounge.
The same goes for RAW bites and Karma water.

Chi kr. 25,-
RAW bites kr. 25,-
5 for kr. 100,-

Karma Water kr. 15,-

Restore your natural balance with CHI. 
100% pure & natural, chi drinks are high in potassium and packed with electrolytes which keep your body rehydrated, vibrant and healthy. Alternatively try the scrumptious dairy free and prebiotic Chocolate and Coffee Coconut Milks for something a bit more creamy!

All natural. Never from Concentrate. Always delicious.









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