January 2015

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Recap of Local Parenting Events
Below are brief summaries of two recent events for parents in our community.  Both took place in November.  The first, "Interview Wise," held at The New Leaf Club, stressed the importance of connecting with the interviewer and preparing for the interview.  The second, "Speak Up," held at Harriton High School, focused on self-acceptance.
Interview Wise: You At Your Best!

Interview Wise: You at Your Best! was held at the New Leaf Club in Rosemont, on November 17, 2014. 

The presenter, Michael Colleran, is the  President of InterviewWise and past president of CBS Philadelphia.  He interviewed over one thousand people during his career, and now he helps others learn the art of being interviewed.


Reasons for the Program

Many people are not prepared to reveal themselves. The program offered tips to help people (of all ages) tell their story in 45 minutes.


Main Takeaways  

The speaker emphasized the importance of "connecting" with the interviewer and "preparing" for the interview. He shared his list of 8 P's to help people remember the main points.


Connect - Focus on connecting with your interviewer

  • Passion:  reveal what drives you
  • Personality: show light within you
  • Perspective: share your unique outlook on life
  • Positioning: show you will be effective

 Preparation - Spend time on these before you interview

  • Proof: have support for your claims; show your strengths
  • Planning: research in advance about the employer and industry
  • Protocol: create your own system for action at each stage of the career search (e.g. sending personalized thank you notes right after each interview)
  • Personal Portfolio: Create a "leave behind" that captures who you are

"Tell me about yourself " -- Know Your Story 

Interviewees should prepare to respond to this. Preparation requires reflection and a willingness to reveal who you are. You need to be able to look within yourself, to reflect so you can then reveal to others the story of you. Be prepared to give anecdotal evidence of your strengths and who you are. Work on your life story, and know what you are passionate about.


The speaker closed by reminding everyone, "your job at an interview is to be loveable and memorable."

For More Information.... 

Michael Colleran, President | [email protected]| 215-380-0882




Speak Up was held at Harriton High School on November 12, 2014


Harriton High School hosted its second annual SpeakUp event.  SpeakUp brings together students, parents and educators to talk about  critical topics concerning youth today.  The event began with a keynote speaker, Ty Sells, who spoke about self-acceptance, a topic chosen in advance by the students.  In a humorous presentation, he challenged those in the audience --youth and adults-- to examine the way they treat others they perceive as different from them.  He stressed that adults (parents, guardians, teachers) should model the behavior they wish to see in their children.


After the speaker, students, parents and Harriton staff broke out into small groups of about 20 -25 each, choosing one of four topic areas:  Stress & Pressure, Self Acceptance, Relationships, and Drugs & Alcohol.  No family members can be in the same breakout session, and what is spoken is to remain confidential.  In these small groups, led by a trained adult facilitator, as well as students who have been trained by SpeakUp, attendees shared their own experiences on the topic.  The sessions provided a unique opportunity to hear from students on their thoughts and concerns about these serious issues


Another SpeakUp event is planned at Lower Merion High School in the spring, and is open to all.  Pre-registration is encouraged. 


For more information...

Go to http://www.speakup.org/


What is the Youth Advisory Council?  
Founded in 2009, the YAC (Youth Advisory Council) is comprised of high school students from Lower Merion, Harriton, Agnes Irwin, Baldwin, Barrack Academy, Haverford School, Friends Central, Kohelet Yeshiva High School, and Shipley, who come together to improve quality of life for youth in their community. YAC's mission is to establish a relationship between youth and adults to identify problems and develop solutions that benefit all sectors of our community.
Community Events
Mindfulness:  Taking Care of Ourselves and Each Other
(Rescheduled from 1/26)
Mon., February 2, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.
Lower Merion High School Cafeteria
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NOPE:  Narcotics, Overdose, Prevention and Education
(Rescheduled from 1/27)
Wed., February 4, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.
Lower Merion High School Auditorium
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Recovery Advocacy:  
Know Your Rights
Mon., February 2, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.
The New Leaf Club
1225 Montrose Avenue, Rosemont
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