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May 5, 2014 
$1,000 REWARD / Web updates / new sponsor 

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$1,000 REWARD
fPe Web updates
New Sponsor - KRE
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Hammer Time Racing

By now, all Elite 10 members should have received their Elite 10 member T shirts as well as any extras they may have ordered.  Should you want to order 2014 Elite 10 shirts you can do so right off of the website now

Spring is FINALLY here and and we have been waiting for the weather to break to announce this new contest / promotion.  We are currently offering a $1,000 reward for the 1st Pontiac Powered 5 second time slip!  See the full details in the article below......

We are looking forward to a great season of racing! Best of luck to you all this year.

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Hard Core Pontiac Promotions, LTD.
$1,000 REWARD for the 1st 5 second timeslip
$1000 reward for the first 5 second pass
Yep, you read it right!  We are giving out a $1,000 REWARD to the 1st person to run a 5 second pass with a traditional Pontiac Powered race car.

We currently have a few other sponsors we are talking to regarding increasing this payout... stay tuned as the REWARD may increase!

fPe Web updates
Elite 10 Members - The current Elite 10 complete list has been completed with driver names, ET and speed and timeslip links.  We have also started the individual pages for Elite 10 members with the pictures we will be using.  Please check out your individual page to see if the information appears to be correct up to this point in time.   We will start to add the Elite 10 member info sheets, starting at the #10 spot this week.  Once complete we will post this information one car at time on our facebook page with links. 

1st Featured Car -  We have completed out first feature car section on the site and it is Wally Becker's 1970 GTO Judge.   The engine in Wally's '70 GTO was built by one of fPe's sponsors, Tin Indian Performance, and is a prime example of how the Pontiac aftermarket is thriving AND making power!  You can read about Wally's complete setup here

Wally Becker's '70 GTO Judge

Wally is also fPe's first Top Fuel ET Club Car member!  Wally's combo landed him in the 11 Second Club.  You can read about all of our ET Club Car Memberships here.

If you are a paid Top Fuel level ET Club Car member you will get one of these ET Club shirts pictured below with YOUR information.  The front of the shirt has the fPe logo with the ET club your are in.  The back of the shirt has your ET club logo, your name, your car, and your qualifying timeslip detail.  The images below are of the first 2 ET Club members we have produced shirts for.

Pontiac 11 second club tshirt black front Pontiac 11 second club tshirt black back
Pontiac 6 second club tshirt black frontPontiac 6 second club tshirt black back
New Sponsor - Welcome KRE
We would like to welcome Kauffman Racing Equipment as a fPe sponsor for the 2014 season.  For those of you not familiar with the company, KRE has been building Pontiac Power and making their own aftermarket parts for over 17 years now.  The company is run by brothers Jeff and Mark Kauffman.  Jeff Kauffman is currently ranked #5 on the Elite 10 List and #6 in the Top 10 NA list.  A fun fact about Jeff is that he is the ONLY person currently holding a position on BOTH the Elite 10 list and the Top 10 NA.  Mark Kauffman in currently #2 on the Top 10 NA list with his GXP and he is rapidly approaching the 1st 6 Second Door Car milestone. 
Welcome aboard KRE!  
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Hard Core Pontiac Promotions, LTD.