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Fuel Barge Staff
Emily (left) and Tina (right)
Meet our newest team member - Tina Cerracchio.
She is our new Fuel Barge Supervisor. You'll see her at the fuel barge along with Emily and Serge. More summer staff members will be coming on board soon.Come on down and say hello. 
As many of you already know, our previous supervisor, Elise has moved on to an exciting new career. We wish her the best of luck!
See Fuel Barge Hours
Customer Appreciation 
Aug. 6th
Due to the huge turn out last year, we are excited to announce we will be hosting another customer appreciation BBQ.

Saturday August 6th 
12-3 pm 

Come on down to the marina, enjoy some lunch with our staff and fellow customers.

Please note the office will be closed that day.
Marina Pumpout
Our sewage pump out is for moorage customers only. You'll find it at the end of float 14, across from the fuel dock. 
It is open during gas barge hours.
Marina Office Hours


Mon - Fri: 9am to 5pm

Sat: 8am-4pm

We are very pleased to announce the return of Tammy Wilson (of Willy's Galley). 

Many years ago, in a much smaller unit, Tammy and her father Barry Wilson (a long time customer) served up yummy food out of a tiny location here at Reed Point. 

They are back in a bigger and better building ready to serve all of our customers. We feel they have a good understanding of the needs of  our customers and will do a great job providing good food and a friendly atmosphere for all. They plan to be open daily for breakfast, lunch and early dinner!

Grand Opening: May 14th 2016

Hours: Open Daily (8:30am - 6pm) except Tues (10am - 2pm)
We also welcome 
Freedom Boat Club (FBC) to the marina. FBC is a membership boat club that currently has franchises throughout the US.

William (Sandy) Purdon and Jamie Purdon are the owners of the first Canadian franchise which will be based here at Reed Point Marina.
Check them out at the

Grand Opening: 
May 23rd 2pm-4pm

Or pop in to see them at their office located next to Thunderbird Yacht Sales accessible from the fuel dock ramp. Learn more... 

In late winter and spring the sailor fish or sailfin sculpin and its eggs can be found nearby Reed Point's marine education centre. This is not just your common bullhead or sculpin. This fish has a conspicuous first dorsal fin. 
In addition to the large fin it has a striking dark band through the eye. Its scientific name is Nautichthys, which in Latin, the root word is 'nauty', which means sailor and 'ichthys' means fish. It's such a strikingly descriptive name that the Pacific Biological Station in Nanaimo named one of is famous research boats the "Nautichthys" after it.

The sailfin sculpin is a popular subject of public aquaria. Although having no commercial value it is certainly a valued aquarium fish. In just the right conditions its brightly orange coloured eggs can be reared in captivity. This reduces the pressure on having to catch them for exhibits. Dr. Jeff Marliave of the Vancouver Aquarium used to collect the eggs and rear sailfins. I believe these sailfins were used in local exhibits and shipped to aquarium all around the world. These fish are finding the right conditions to spawn in Reed Point Marina.

Sailfins are rarely seen for they are usually nocturnally active. They are negatively buoyant and are seen sitting and feeding on the bottom. One would immediately recognize this fish as it seems to flutter all its fins rather than swim with large body movements. They have been observed near the ramp in front of the office. This could be taken as a testament to the clean water conditions adjacent to the boat haulout and fuel dock.

Take a look at the photo of the sailfin and one can immediately understand why it was originally called the "eye banded sailor fish". 
Keep watching the Newsletter for more interesting sealife of the harbour right here in the marina...    

Rod MacVicar
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