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Slip Stabilization
Greg and his crew; (Dave, Jeff and Chris) have been working hard to upgrade every slip in the entire marina. The new slips are far more stable due to an ingenious new structure they developed just for us. It has taken many years but the project is now 85% complete. We will let you know if your slip size has changed, however, the majority have remained the same.
Santa Christmas Ships Cruises 2015!
Once again the cruises were a huge hit.  This year boaters were entertained by some on shore events and several spectacular fireworks displays at Belcarra/Boulder Island,(for Santa's visits and Great Book Signing)  Bedwell Bay, and Brighton Beach. Funds raised by citizens of these communities, the Pomo Power Squadron and cruising members made it all possible. Thanks to all who contributed to make it a success. This event keeps getting bigger/better. We look forward to next year.
- Barry Wilson
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Anna & Roberto
We were expecting to enjoy Casa Fabesso's delicious creations again this year, so we were surprised and saddened to here from Anna and Roberto just before the holidays that they will not be renewing their lease. It must have been a difficult decision and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors. 

We are now looking for a new food service business. We ask for your patience while we look for the best option for the marina. Thanks to significant participation in our customer survey a few years ago, we have lots of good input from our customers. It is a unique spot with certain challenges but we believe it is an important part of our marina, and will continue to put the necessary resources into it to provide customers with a good eating option here at the marina. Stay tuned!          
The marina has endured a number of big cost increases in the last few years. Our Port Metro lease payments have increased over 22% this year and the increases to our property taxes have been astronomical. Since 2009 they have increased 120%. In the past year alone they have increased 60%. We simply cannot keep absorbing these cost increases.

As a result, moorage rates will increase, though we strive to keep it as low as possible. This year rates will go up 4% (CPI of 1.5% + 2.5% market increase) starting April 2016. We still remain well below our competitors. We appreciate that nobody wants to pay more for moorage, however, we hope to provide the best place to moor your boat and well worth the increase.
Photo by Ruth Foster
There are many stories I could write about these drifters that pass through the marina. They occupy the space in the marina devoid of boaters. If possible many will spend their daylight hours trying to get into the dark shady spots, only to surface at night.

They are not all adults, some are immature. At times the waters under the sheds and floats are a shared nursery of all kinds of creatures.  One teaspoon of Reed Point sea water can have a million creatures in it. Some of the toughest, scrappiest ones, the copepods will get into a battle of the carnivores. Being shrimpy doesn't mean you can't be tough. Some are so vicious that they take the skeletons of their prey to build their own 'houses'.

Only in the Reed Point Marine Education Centre are these rarely seen creatures revealed under the microscope. There could be thousands of species of them and as many as ten times yet to be discovered and named.

For the most part, life as plankton is a life at the bottom of almost every food chain; yet their influence on the planet is greater than all the terrestrial forests. Over half of the oxygen we breathe comes from these microscopic powerhouses. They capture the ever increasing greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, and store it for use in food compounds. Some even have the ability to thrive in times of global and ocean warming.

This commercial harbour is not a dead sea or even a sick sea upon which your boat floats. It is a vital community of life that if care is taken to sustain it, will in the end sustain us. The upgrades and changes to scraping, washing and painting procedures have gone a long way to creating this cleaner environment for planktonic life to thrive in the waters around Reed Point.

Rod MacVicar
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