Reed Point
Slips Available!
We currently have the following slips available:
Shelters: 33' to 54'. Open slips: under 33' and a few 51' slips.
Call or email the office to inquire:
604-937-1600 or
Fuel Barge Hours
Elise, Matt, Serge
Fri - Mon:
8am to 8pm
Tues - Thurs:
8am to 6pm
or to 9pm on fireworks nights
Restaurant Hours
Casa Fabesso  is open for lunch!
Tues - Sun: (11 - 2)
Dinners are by reservation only at 
Pumpout Hours
Fri - Mon:
8am to 8pm
Tues - Thurs:
8am to 6pm
The sewage pumpout is for marina customers only. 
Marina Office Hours


Mon - Fri

9am to 5pm


8am to 4pm

Thank you Reed Point Customers. To show our appreciation for your continued patronage, we would like you to join us for a family style BBQ.
Dates: Saturday July 4th and Saturday August 1st 
 Time: Noon to 2pm  
There will be BBQ hot dogs/hamburgers with all the fixin's. Stop by the area between the office and the top of the gas barge ramp, say hello and grab a quick lunch. Rain or shine!
Please note the office will be closed an hour before and after each BBQ.
Emily, Serge, Abby.
Our Fuel Dock team is ready to serve! Elise, Emily and Serge have been with us all winter. Matt has recently returned from school and we have a new member - Abby -  joining us on weekends while at SFU. They all look forward to helping you at the barge for another fantastic boating season. 

This year's dress up theme days:
Wednesday, July 1st - Canada Theme - of course  
Monday, August 3rd - Hawaiian Theme
Monday, September 7th - Pirate Theme
Check out the staff's crazy costumes. There will be games and prizes too!                      
Canada Post now requires unit numbers for all mailing addresses at Reed Point Marina.
See the list of unit mailbox numbers for the Reed Point Marina community mailbox. 
Unit Number = Building Number.
The Reed Point Marine Education Centre frequently places live traps in the marina to gather specimens for their "Sea Life of the Marina" lessons. Perhaps the most abundant fish in the marina all year round is the Pacific Staghorn Sculpin or common Bullhead. When stressed by student handling it starts to hum in a low pitch, expands its gill covers and raises its preopercular 'horns.' That's a little bit scary, but then the students cannot believe the fish is humming.
Just recently, this June, we came across the most unusual fish of the marina. It is perhaps the most unique looking fish in B.C. waters. Imagine a fish with a head so large it occupies about 65% of its body and has a long ant-eater like snout. That would be odd enough, but it has no scales, only cream coloured to orange and brown plates. It's a fish that cannot swim. It hops and skips over the bottom on its finger-like extensions of the front fins. This method of locomotion is so much like that of any other four legged animal that it is a candidate for a prehistoric ancestral type of tetrapod. This little fish is endearing to children but totally pathetic when disturbed and it attempts to run away. It cannot really swim or run so it curls up and pretends to look like a large closed barnacle. 
If this isn't odd enough, when its camouflage doesn't work and a student nets it for momentary removal to a tank, it starts to wheeze. SCUBA divers note that they hear them grunt underwater, hence their name Grunt sculpin.
The Grunt Sculpin is the only one in their fish family, the Rhamphocottidae. This little grunting, skipping, colourful fish is a testament to the clean waters of the Reed point Marina to be able to make its home there.
Rod MacVicar
Reed Point Marine Education Centre                   
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