Reed Point
Vessel Courtesy Check at Reed Point
Do you have old flares you need to dispose of properly? Want to ensure your vessel has all the required safety equipment? Port Moody Power Squadron is arranging a Recreational Vessel Courtesy Check, right here at the marina. 
Call Lynn at
Water is ON!
With our mild winter, we were able to turn the water back on Jan. 30th. Please keep an eye on our website - news alerts to see the status of the water on the docks.
Renewal TIme

You should have received your renewal information via email (or snail mail) by now. If not, please contact the marina office by email or 

at 604-937-1600.

Please return your information by March 1st. Your payments can be dated for April 1st. The office is hard at work processing all renewals. 

Marina Hours

Marina Hours will change after Daylight Savings, which is March 8th this year. 


New Office Hours:

9am - 5pm (Mon-Sat)


New Barge Hours:

9am-5pm (Daily)

Mossom Creek Hatchery Rebuild - photo from Ruth Foster
Its been just over a year since Mossom Creek Fish Hatchery tragically burned down. Thanks to immense community support, and many generous supporters, hatchery founders Ruth Foster and Rod MacVicar say the facility is well on its way to being rebuilt. Environmental efforts from people like Ruth and Rod have returned Port Moody Arm to a vibrant ecology. We encourage all our boaters to learn more at Mossom, and if you would like to support the rebuild effort, tax-deductible donations can be made online.
Salmon spawning up Mossom Creek. Reed Point Marina in the background! - Photo from Ruth Foster
You may have noticed some forlorn looking vessels being lifted out and placed temporarily on our dryland. These boats did not come from our marina! We are simply doing our part assisting Port Metro Vancouver in their program of cleaning up the harbour. Derelict boats are an increasing navigational and environmental problem in the lower mainland. The problem is most acute in the rivers, but local boaters will also notice the ever increasing problem of old boats lying at anchor in Port Moody Arm, False Creek and off Kitsilano Beach. We are working with Port Metro when they seize a vessel and wish to dispose of it. It is lifted out and must stay on our dryland while they give the required legal notices before it can be properly disposed of after removing all environmental hazards.
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