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Winter Barge Hours
9:00 - 4:00 DAILY
Summer has faded into fall. Marisa and Matt have gone back to school, but Serge, Emily and I (Elise) are here to help you fuel up! With daylight savings, our winter hours are now in effect. We hope you enjoyed the summer of pirates and parrotheads - we sure did! If you are packing up for the season, see you next year, or if you are looking forward to some winter boating, we'll see you on the docks! - Elise
Shelters Available
new shelters
We still have some of our newly built 51' and 54' shelters available. 
We also have a few 33' shelters and one 36' shelter available. 
Please email the office or call 604-937-1600 for inquiries.
Hydro Rate Increase

BC Hydro has continued to raise electricity rates since our last increase in 2012. We have held off raising the rates charged to our customers until now. The rate is now $0.1346 per kwh.


See how your rate is determined?


See the article to the right for tips on reducing your electricity costs.

Christmas Cruises from Reed Point

It's time again for the Santa Ship Cruises. Want to join in this year? The skippers meeting is Nov. 30th at the Marine Education Centre. Please contact Barry Wilson at 

604-291-6755 or 


See our full website -
We all realize that we live in a complex industrial-scientific society.  Scientists have done a pretty good job of connecting all the dots they could find and have worked to make the best sense out of the patterns that emerged.  Well this applies to the 30% of the earth's surface, that is the terrestrial part. But what about the other 70% that is ocean?  95% of it has yet to be explored or explained.

All along the Pacific coast from California to Alaska sea stars have been suffering from a mysterious wasting disease.  Even right in Reed Point Marina the most common faunal predator, the Purple Sea Star has almost disappeared.

The little, floating  Reed Point Marine Education Centre, dedicated to ocean education and conservation is combining with UBC's Laura Parfrey Lab to find some answers to this disease.  A graduate student in the Department of Zoology, Andrew Louden is working in the marina to gather specimens and data. 

Not many realize that B.C's largest marina, Reed Point Marina has plunged-in in support  of UBC, SFU and NGO's such as the Burrard Inlet Marine Enhancement Soc., Port Moody Ecological Soc. and the Pacific WildLife Foundation. These new science projects have real world implications in disease control, health care, sustainability and biodiversity. And yes, with some more research the stars of the marina may survive.


Rod MacVicar

Master mariner and retired biology teacher
Curator of the Reed Point Marine Education Centre.   
We thought we'd toot our own horn and let you know that Reed Point was recognized at the Port Moody Spike Awards this year. We received an award for Environmental Sustainability.Thank you to all our customers who've helped the marina continue to be an environmental leader in our Industry.

Maintaining a boat over winter usually means watching electricity costs go up. However, there are ways you can limit energy consumption while still keeping your boat dry and mold free. With some advice from Chris at Inlet Marine we've put together some ways to help.

             Heating your boat during the winter is the biggest culprit of rising electricity costs and it is often unavoidable, especially if you are planning on using the boat. Unless you winterize and drain all the systems the biggest risk is freezing and the damage that comes with it. However, not all space heaters are created equally. Look for a model that has a thermostat and multiple temperature settings. This gives you the most control and allows you to adjust as the weather does. A freeze setting is also useful as it only kicks in when the temperature reaches 3 degrees. This setting won't prevent mold growth, however, and if your plan is to just keep things from freezing you may want to purchase a dehumidifier or low grade heating/circulation system like a StoreDry. Air circulation is equally important so if your heater doesn't have a fan, look into getting one of those as well. Chris's best tip for keeping your boat mold free is to clean all surfaces before leaving it - that forgotten spill is all the encouragement mold needs!

              There are other ways to watch your power consumption. Unplug all appliances that aren't in use; microwaves, alarm clocks, stereos, chargers and docking stations that function as chargers. Even when they are not charging anything they will still draw power. To make this task easier, BC Hydro suggests using a power bar or surge protector equipped with an on/off switch. As you go through your boat unplugging and turning off things that are unnecessary, remember that your boat's batteries still need to stay charged!  

              The best maintenance for your boat is to check on it frequently. If you're planning on being away for a while make sure you either winterize your boat or have someone with experience come check on it. Whether you stay here or run off to escape the cold, we hope you enjoy the winter season!


- Elise Palmer 

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