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Conconi Covenant House Challenge! - All Gifts Matched


Our fellow Reed Point boater; Robert Conconi has teamed up with Covenant House to make a real difference for street youth.


He and his family have generously offered to match all donations to Covenant House Vancouver for the month of June.


To donate or learn more, see the Covenant House website.

Restaurant Open for Lunch

The season has started for Roberto and Anna and they're excited to bring another season of authentic Italian cuisine to everyone in the marina. Their delicious Pastas and Paninis are back on the menu. See you on the Patio!
Lunch Hours:

11am-2pm, Tues - Sat.

By reservation only. Call 604-937-0727.


We continue to get complaints about careless boaters who leave a big wash that goes under the breakwater. There is no real "authority" on the water that can deal with this, so you are left to your own civil claim against anyone who does this and causes damage to your vessel or other property.

If you have a complaint, please inform our office, but first make sure you have the boat name, description and other identification. 

We will do our best to avoid any further offenses, but are limited unless they are Reed Point customers. 

See our full website -
Reed Point Marine Education Centre flexes its mussels!
A letter from Rod MacVicar of the Marine Education Centre: 

I think we all are beginning to realize that the greatest issues facing the ocean today are all the impacts of human activity.  We are struggling to understand climate change.  We recognize the decline in biodiversity. Right here in Reed Point Marina we are witnessing the increasing abundance of some species and at the same time wondering about the potential survival of many other species.

There is a serious situation facing the marine sciences.  The ability of ocean science researchers to study and understand ocean processes and help find solutions for the major events we are facing is hampered. There is inadequate funding for the necessary infrastructure of research boats, marine stations, technology and observing systems.

Reed Point Marina is providing on the water research platforms for experimentation and offering the assistance of the marina staff in setting up these experiments.  U.B.C's Dr. Chris Harley's Dept. of Ocean Sciences Lab and the Dr. L. W. Parfrey Botany Zoology Lab have been conducting and are presently conducting research on topics such as environmental selective pressures and settlement research.

The S.F.U., Dr. Cote lab has been investigating interactions with bay mussels and barnacles with a non native species that may have arrived in ship ballast water and is threatening our shellfish industry.

In addition, U.B.C. s Dr. Andrew Trites Open Water Steller Sea lion Research Lab is celebrating its tenth year of research at the west end of the marina.  This has been a research project that is unique in the word.  It is addressing the decline in these northern sea lions.

These truly are contributions that should be recognized.  It is a testament to the marina owner's support for research and education that can only be conducted in the "greenest" marina in British Columbia. It really demonstrates that individuals thinking globally and acting locally CAN make a difference. 

Rod MacVicar
Master mariner and retired biology teacher
Curator of the Reed Point Marine Education Centre.   

Indian Arm is a fantastic spot for boating and is right in our back yard. If you're new to the area, new to boating or just haven't had a chance to really explore, here a few spots to check out right around the corner.

  1. Deep Cove: Located north-west of Admiralty Point, Deep Cove is at the very base of the arm and the perfect place to start, continue or end your day. There are lots of restaurants that do both take-out and dine-in, including sushi, ice cream, the ever-popular pizza and the famous Honey bakery and cafe (stop here for AMAZING donuts!). There is also a few clothing and souvenir shops as well as a convenience store in case you forgot anything! Note that the dock is for small boats so if you're in a bigger cruiser, consider dropping anchor and taking the dinghy over.
  2. Bedwell Bay: This is a great spot for just a day in the sun or even an entire weekend. Located on the east shore just around Jug Island, it's a perfect spot to drop anchor and soak up some rays or even drop a crab trap and catch a little dinner. Just at the mouth of Bedwell Bay are Raccoon and Twin Islands. Here you'll find sandy beaches (at low tide), as well as some great diving spots around the shoals!
  3. Silver and Granite Falls: Indian Arm is so spectacular that it has TWO waterfalls to check out. The first, Silver Falls, is located on the north-east shore about half-way up the arm. Granite falls is at the top of the inlet on the more western side. This is the larger of the two falls, and is just across from the Wigwam Inn.
  4. Wildlife: Bring your binoculars because Indian Arm is full of wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for harbour seals sunning on the logs, or deer and bears on the banks, and eagles in the sky, especially during the pink salmon run that starts in July! If you bring your fishing gear be prepared to reel them in fast and have your net ready because the seals will thank you for the easy meal! Also, remember that to fish OR crab you need to have a valid license.

- Elise Palmer 


The boating season has begun! Matthew and Marisa are back from school and we are all excited to get the party started. Pirates took over the barge on the May Long weekend, but if you missed it have no fear! We have planned theme days for all the long weekends this summer:

  1. Canada Day (June 28 - July 1): Canada of course! Join us in all your red and whites!
  2. BC Day (August 1 - 4): Parrotheads/Tacky Tikki - Margaritaville awaits!
  3. Labour Day (August 29 - Sept 1): Pirates Return! We just can't keep those scoundrels away...

We hope to see lots of you on the barge, and we may have some special surprises for some festive or especially cute kids!

We have just ordered fuel spill cups to help keep fuel out of the water and in your boats! To help us gauge how effective and useful these cups really are, please let us fit them on your boat and have you answer a few questions. We will enter you in a draw to win  a $25.00 gas gift certificate to the barge. There are 4 certificates to be won!

We also have a new part time staff member joining the team in late June.  Please join us in welcoming Emily to the marina!.


FUEL BARGE SUMMER HOURS:   Friday - Monday 8am - 8pm 

Tuesday - Thursday 8am - 6pm 

 - Elise Palmer (Fuel Barge Supervisor)

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