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Reed Point
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Extra Parking Pass Price - Reduced!


We appreciate all your input to our customer survey last year. Parking passes are one of your concerns and we hope we can address it here. 


Customers can now purchase an extra annual parking pass for half the price as last year. The new price is $150/year.


We plan to test the new policy this season and see if we still maintain adequate parking for all customers. 


Remember - Limit is one extra pass per slip.



Over the past number of years we have upgraded all our main floats, including water and power. We then started to upgrade all fingers (slips). Some of you are already enjoying the new and improved fingers. We are working systematically throughout the marina to get to all slips so watch for our hard working crews coming to a slip near you!


March 2014 
The long awaited new website is here. We plan to keep this site up to date with any news and changes at the marina, including news alerts for customers. If you have any great photos you'd like to see on the site, please email it to us with a note about its significance.

Elise, Marisa, Matt
Winter is just about over (we hope!), so we look forward to seeing you all soon on the fuel barge. We are now open until 5pm. See our website for our fuel barge hours all year long. We will also post the hours on all gatehouse whenever they change. Matt and Marisa will be rejoining us when they get home from a winter away at school, and our newest member, Serge, will be with us for the summer as well. We'll be having theme weekends on the barge again this season, so keep your eyes out for pirates, parrot-heads and surfer dudes as the summer gets going! See you on the docks! - ELISE




We still have some 60' and 64'  fully enclosed boathouses for sale here at Reed Point Marina. Boathouses are individually owned and lease the water moorage from the marina. Please see our website for details

     After all the preparation to keep your boat afloat and in good condition through the cold weather, it's finally time to start getting your boat ready for spring and summer. Chris Pahnke and Tom Mackenzie from Inlet Marine have some useful tips to help you prep your boat for what we wait for all year...boating season!
  1. Clean your boat! After a long winter of weather that doesn't promote getting out there, it's time to give your boat a good scrub down and get rid of any accumulated green and grime. The water is turned back on at all docks.  
  2. Check all systems to make sure they are working properly. This includes electrical systems, pump systems and valves. You should also make sure that your engines are in good shape and running well and that your batteries are working as they should be. Don't forget to check your fluid levels.
  3. Take inventory of all your safety equipment. Make sure that flares have not expired and that fire extinguishers are in good repair (check pressure gauge, tamper seals, cracks in body). Make sure that your first-aid kit is stocked and take note of how many life-jackets are on board. 
  4. Get your boat lifted! Not only does what's above the water need to be cleaned but the bottom scraped and cleaned as well. This is also a good time to check if you need another coat of bottom paint, and to check and possibly replace zincs. Book your lift appointments ASAP as the spring is a busy season for this type of maintenance!    

Keep these tips in mind as the weather starts getting better and have your boat ready to go when the good weather really hits. If you're not quite ready to de-winterize and use your boat yet, remember to still come down and check on it regularly. 


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