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 Right to Transfer Moorage on Sale of Boat



We have listened to our customers and acted. Many customers had long term relationships with certain brokers and prefer to deal with them on the sale of their boat. They were not happy with the past practice of the moorage not transferable with the sale unless the listing was with the resident broker. 


Effective immediately, customers can now offer their moorage slip to a buyer when selling their boat, whether the sale is through their preferred broker or done privately.


Remember that all moorage transactions must still be processed through the marina office to be valid.  Also, for security, it remains marina policy not to allow access to the docks to anyone (including brokers) without express advance permission from the boat owner.



We've recently updated the marina office with new flooring, furniture and paint.  Come by and have a look at our new digs!  A big thank you to Custom Commercial (aka Greg's crew) who worked feverishly through the week and a weekend to minimize disruption to our customers. 


We are continuing to upgrade all our floats. Recently the far west end has had a major update with new mains and electrical sheds.


Our staff is constantly checking the parking lot and floats and keeping things clean and tidy. We would like to thank all our customers who also take pride in the marina and help keep it a beautiful place to moor. 


September 2013 
We have just enjoyed one of the most amazing summers we have had on record and we hope everyone took advantage of the sunshine and enjoyed their time on the water and at the marina!

barge pirates

A note from Elise at the Fuel Barge: It's been a great summer down on the barge! We had a few theme days that were a ton of fun for the customers and staff. Marisa, Matt and Alex are all heading back to school, but I'll be here all winter long and Mack will be here on weekends so come and visit us anytime! There's nothing like a winter cruise on a sunny day! 
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We have a number of fully enclosed boathouses for sale here at Reed Point Marina. They range in size from 60' wood framed to 100' concrete and steel construction. Boathouses are individually owned and lease the water moorage from the marina. Please see our website for details, and/or email  

Here are a few tips!

The summer season is leaving and the fall is almost upon us. With it comes a change in weather and that means a change in boat maintenance! Tom Mackenzie from Inlet Marine has some helpful tips for keeping your boat well cared for (and afloat!) during the changing season.

  1. First and foremost, get ready for colder temperatures and rain. Domestic water and head systems need to be protected from freezing. Do this by keeping your boat moderately heated or drained altogether.
  2. Make sure to keep the batteries charged, especially on smaller boats. With the alternator not running as often as in the summer to charge it, the battery has the potential to run dry as the bilge pump does its job. If the battery dies and the pump stops pumping, the boat could go down!
  3. Make sure that there is some ventilation, again, especially on smaller boats. This will help prevent mildew and the musty smell that goes along with it.
  4. Add fuel stabilizers to the tanks to prevent any kind of contamination or issues with integrity. Fuel tends to sit a lot longer without being refreshed as the boat is used less.            
Most important is to check on your boat regularly, even if you're not planning to use it in the near future.  Stay tuned for tips on how to winterize your boat when the really chilly months roll in!


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