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Dec. 18th, 2012-Vol 2012 No. 12.3
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Application Deadline is Dec. 31st, 2012
In this issue you will be able to read about experiences by the 2012 Delta Class. Click on the Delta Force Logo for an application.

Delta Force Joy Hopkins

Joy Hopkins
Nursing Leadership at OSF St. Francis Hospital

My Delta Force experience was outstanding. I have been in leadership roles in my community and organizations for many years, but I am new to the Upper Peninsula and OSF St. Francis Hospital. The Delta Force experience introduced me to the community in ways that would have been impossible for me to accomplish on my own.

During the sessions with Delta Force, I learned about community resources and information about the environment, history of the area and important elements including economic development, public safety and education. I made some excellent contacts and some new friends! Delta Force is a well rounded program designed to give the participation an enjoyable and informational perspective of the community as a whole. This will enable each participant to build on that knowledge, and I can find my best fit for being a productive and active participant in my own community.

* * Registration Fee is $399 ~ Application Deadline is December 31st, 2012 * *For more information please call the Delta County Chamber of Commerce, 786-2192.

Vicki DeGrand
Institutional Advancement Specialist at Bay College

The past year was crazy for me! First, I was offered a new job at Bay College. This allowed me to meet new people in the community, helped me to fully understand the word 'busy' during work hours, and taught me how important college is in today's society.

Secondly, I got engaged and married. This involved changing my time spent relaxing on the weekends to planning a wedding, changing my last name from Robinette to DeGrand, and changing my communication style from 'me' to 'we.'

Lastly, I was enrolled as a Delta Force participant. This involved riding in a police car, taking a relaxing trip on a sailboat, and learning how to hash out a schools financial budget. Actually, the above doesn't even begin to explain what I encountered in Delta Force.

As I mentioned above, I'm employed at Bay College in the Institutional Advancement / Foundation Office. I'm in constant contact with donors, board members, and employees. Communication with others (both written and oral) is very important in our department. The Delta Force experience has changed the way that I communicate with others, and has helped my working relationships develop and grow. Introduced in the second Delta Force class, I often use the DiSC personality profile at work. It helps me effectively communicate with individuals that have different personalities than me. It's a great tool! I wish I would have been shown this personality profile earlier in my career. This tool clearly shows how different we all are and how these differences combine to make a productive world.

In addition, a huge part of Delta Force is learning about the community that we live in. Before Delta Force, I never understood the complexity of New Page. I knew it was big, but not that big! And, hot! I had no idea a paper machine could produce that much heat. Also, I was given the opportunity to learn about Delta Manufacturing. I heard about this facility previously, but now I know where they are located, what they produce, and the impact they have on Delta County. It feels great to be informed about the community in which we live, work and play.

Did Delta Force impact me outside my career? Definitely. Leadership roles exist not only at work, but with friends, family, and acquaintances. In fact, I mentioned above that I got married this year. Well, I've only been married a month, but I know exactly where my husband falls on the DiSC personality profile. It's my own self diagnosis of his personality, but I think my diagnosis is right on the money!

All in all, Delta Force provided me with an avenue to network, granted me a stronger understanding of the different businesses in the area, and showed me the effects of leadership in a community.

Would I recommend this program to a friend? Definitely. But, that friend should be ready for an interesting nine months. I never thought I would gain this much understanding of leadership roles and the community that surrounds us.

In conclusion, thank you to the Chamber of Commerce, all the facilitators and sponsors, and Bay College for allowing me this experience. I would love to see this program carry on for another ten successful years!

* * Registration Fee is $399 ~ Application Deadline is December 31st, 2012 * *For more information please call the Delta County Chamber of Commerce, 786-2192.

Delta Force Sherry
Sherry Klein
Schneider Larche & Haapala CPA - Audits & Taxes

There are no two Delta Force experiences that could be the same. Each participant in the Delta Force program brings their own experience, strengths, and fears to each day-long class. Each class is composed of people who bring a lot of variety, and each class is taught by instructors who have carefully prepared to present a topic that they are interested in. This variety means that you could be in Delta Force every year and you could always learn something.

Many of the presenters are former Delta Force participants. At first, I thought that this was because they must pressure people at the end of the program to teach one of the classes in the following years. By the time I got to the end of the program, I had received no such pressure, and I knew there was a different reason that the instructors returned. It was because they wanted to experience that part of the class once again, or found something interesting and relevant that they wanted to add to the program.

There were classes I found particularly interesting, such as day we took a walk around Lakeside Cemetery and the Hannahville Cemetery, learning the respective histories of each place. It was also fun to tour NewPage and ride on the Inland Seas educational schooner. The class on local government reaffirmed that I never want to get into local government. I had vague ideas about a lot of the topics we discussed in Delta Force, but the program really brought these local processes into focus for me, teaching me things about the community that it would have taken me much more time and energy to learn if the program was not available.

The things I learned while in Delta Force will stay with me in my professional and personal life. I have already made connections that I would not have otherwise made as a result of being in the Delta Force class of 2012. This experience has illuminated the way I see parts of my community, and made me appreciate the information available to me if I choose to learn. Delta Force has given me knowledge, but more importantly, it has given me the desire to become more informed about what is happening around me, and I will continue on in that spirit of community that I took from my Delta Force experience.

* * Registration Fee is $399 ~ Application Deadline is December 31st, 2012 * *For more information please call the Delta County Chamber of Commerce, 786-2192.

Victoria Griggs
Island Resort & Casino, Supervisor

Hello, my name is Vicki Griggs and I was fortunate enough to be one of the few and the proud to participate in this years 2012 Delta Force class.

I first learned about Delta Force at last years Chamber dinner which I attended representing the Island Resort and Casino where I am currently the Island Club Supervisor. I found it very interesting and was inquiring about it to Susan Harris, marketing director (and my superior) at the Island Resort and Casino. She explained to me that it was a program to help those who seem to be natural leaders learn the ins and outs of Delta county. It was a program to help others understand what exactly goes into all facets of a community from government, and education, to history and culture. After she saw the interest that I had in the program she graciously sponsored me to participate in this years Delta Force class.

When the first meeting of the Delta Force class was approaching I was both nervous and excited to begin this new "adventure" which I like to refer to all new experiences as. I've only recently (2 years ago) become a resident of Delta County and really had no idea what to expect from the program. When explaining to friends and family that I was participating in the Delta Force program most made comments referring to special ops agent or "packin heat". Some so much as made reference to it as though we were super heroes saving Delta County from evil forces. Of course, I would just try to explain to them that we were learning about the county and how we can all do our part to understand how it's run and what needs to be done to make it a safe, happy and prosperous place to live.

Well, after going thorough the Delta Force program I've learned so much more then I ever thought I would. We started out the program realizing about the learned behavior that we all tend to have in putting "hats" on others and judging people not because of their actions but because they have already reminded you of someone else subconsciously. I have become more aware of my actions and judgments and am trying to live and learn from my mistakes. I believe just learning that lesson was worth the whole program, however it didn't stop there. I have become determined in going through the Delta Force program that I will take the time to stop, look, and listen to those around me and try and make more educated decisions when it comes to not only personal but professional decisions that I need to make. Delta Force has shown us all that you don't always know the whole picture and that you have to consider every angle possible when making decisions for you, your family, and or your community.

This program has introduced us all to a wide range of people with different backgrounds and "stories" that make up their own unique experiences. I have made connections with people and have enjoyed meeting and learning about others lives and interests. We all have that bond that we can always be connected to each other through, Delta Force graduates.

If I've learned one thing from Delta Force it's like Maya Angelou would say "when ya know better, ya do better". I now know that I didn't know much at all when it came to community and civil responsibilities, but I know better and I plan on doing better.

I also believe that maybe just maybe my friends and family weren't so far off talking about Delta Force as a special ops mission. We are an elite group of individuals who have gotten to experience Delta County in a way that not many people get to experience it. I do believe that we have a special enlightened view into the community and I hope that we all take advantage of that special gift and use it all to the best of our abilities whatever they may be.

Once again I am proud to say that my name is Vicki Griggs and I am a Delta Force graduate of the class of 2012.

* * Registration Fee is $399 ~ Application Deadline is December 31st, 2012 * *For more information please call the Delta County Chamber of Commerce, 786-2192.
Suani Nieto
Executive Assistant, Economic Development Alliance

At the beginning, I was a little skeptical about this program. I couldn't define it or place it in a category from previous academic experiences. Delta Force was not academia; or instruction classes. I didn't know who or what to expect. I didn't even know how to dress for our first meeting.

So I did what I have done most of my life, I proceeded with caution into the unknown. And I am glad, I did.

It didn't take me long to understand the meaning of Delta Force. It is an introduction to a community most of the participants have lived in for many years. Though for me, it was a little different. 2012 marks my first year living in this community. I chose to come live in Delta County, but I was not sure if this tranquil community thousands of miles away from my family would suit me. You can say, Delta Force served as an interactive introduction to my new home.

After the first few classes, I noticed a pattern of comments from the group. "I have lived here all my life, and I didn't know this organization was here," or "I didn't know this program worked this way." You could hear their stereotypes about their community being challenged. I really can't describe specifically how this happens, but I can simply say that being exposed to the BDD's social explanations, or experiencing Hannahville's progress as a community and economic force, or touring New Page, or spending 1 day a month with your professional, knowledgeable fellow participants definitely makes you reconsider any underachieving preconceived notions about this community; or reaffirms any strong positive ones.

For me, Delta Force exposed the intricate moving parts of what I thought was a sleepy community; parts that I slowly started picturing myself being part of. What is great about this leadership program is it doesn't stop at making leaders; Delta Force introduces already made leaders to their community and allows them to find their own niche.

Overall, every facilitator, participant, and sponsor helped disrupt any of the stereotypes we had all come in about Delta County. But I do want to emphasize: The power of Delta Force is not in single cells of facilitators, organizations, or participants. The power of Delta Force comes from the organic collaboration that formulates every year through their participation. I leave this program with a better understanding of MY community, of how I fit in, and how rich in culture it is.

As an extra I take the good relationships I made with fellow participants thanks to a year of networking opportunities.

It is an honor to live in such an involved community.

* * Registration Fee is $399 ~ Application Deadline is December 31st, 2012 * *For more information please call the Delta County Chamber of Commerce, 786-2192.

The Chamber will provide you with a number of ideas for 20 days. Our 20 under $20 program will give you choices that you can find here in our community. We hope this makes it easy for you, and also encourages you to visit one of your local businesses. Find these choices on your E-mail and Facebook.

If you have a gift idea from your business, contact or call 906 786 2192.

Heritage Half-Marathon will open registrations on January 4th during their official kickoff party at Ernie's Irish Bar. The party will take place from 5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. with a registration special of $50 that will last until the party ends. Once 7:30 p.m. hits, the price will go up to $60. UP PC Repair will be sponsoring computer stations for online registration during the party.

The July 6th, 2013 run is an official event of the Esky 150 celebration and will showcase the beautiful Highway 41 Shoreline. The route starts at Van Cleve Park in Gladstone at 7:30 a.m. passing by miles of shoreline view, downtown Escanaba, and ending at Ludington Park. Ludington Park will host a variety of Esky 150 Celebrations, which the runners will be able to enjoy after their run.

"We have a lovely area that we need to showcase. I thought a half marathon would provide an opportunity to remind and show our visitors during the Eskly 150 that there is only one place like Escanaba," explained Gina Zanon, Director of the Heritage Half-Marathon.

The timed event will provide runners with food and beverages during the route sponsored and delivered by different local businesses and their staff. The runners will also receive a commemorative medal and shirt.

Planning has been hard work from the start, and race coordinators would like to thank sponsors who have supported them since the conception of having the half marathon; Patrick Johnson at Water's Edge Chiropractic, Brenda Lippens at Delta County Credit Union, Jessica and Scott Kelly from the dental practice of Dr. Scott Kelly, the YMCA, Justing Ogren with Cellucor Sports Nutrition and the Esky 150 committee.

"This is a great event that will take a lot of support from the community. It takes volunteers, sponsors, and committed runners. Running has become a growing sport in this area, and if you are even playing with the idea, I invite you to try it. You have 7 months to train, and the first mile is always the hardest," commented Dr. Patrick Johnson from Water's Edge Chiropractic.

The YMCA has started planning a Couch to Half Marathon program that will be provided to members interested in getting ready for this event. The program will start soon after January 1st to help those members with their New Year's Resolution.

The Run will take place July 6th at 7:30 a.m. If your business would like to become involved with the Delta County Heritage Half as a sponsor or to volunteer, please contact Gina or Justin 789-1296. You can also check their website and Facebook page for future announcements.

Altrusa Club of Escanaba Gift Wrap Fundraiser
Date: 12/20/2012
Time: Hours Vary
Place: Delta Plaza
Sponsor: Altrusa Club of Escanaba

End of the World Party
Where: Ernie's Irish Pub
Date: 12/21/2012
Time: 9:00 PM
"Tis the season for giving"

Members of the Wild Fire Harley Owners Group which is sponsored by Vandervest Harley-Davidson of Peshtigo presented coats, gloves, hats, snow pants to local schools to distribute to children in need. This year Peshtigo Elementary and Oconto Elementary Schools were picked to give the items to. The Wild Fire Harley Owners Group along with Vandervest Harley-Davidson of Peshtigo raised money at Vandervest's events with food and beverage donations. Customers of Vandervest Harley-Davidson also contributed to this campaign.

Peshtigo Picture is: Principal of Peshtigo Elementary Tammy Kielbasa -second person to the left and Jeff Larmay -Wild Fire Harley Owners Group Director; Jack Felch & Kathy Felch-members of the Wild Fire Harley Owners Group.

In the Oconto Picture it is Jack & Kathy Felch -members of the Wild Fire Harley Owners Group, Principal of Oconto Elementary Chad Collier, Oconto Elementary Staff member Sandy Cain, & Jeff Larmay - Director of Wild Fire Harley Owners Group.

Pink Sugar Co. Grows into New Location

Pink Sugar Co., a boutique located at The Lofts on Ludington, has moved from the middle suite, to the larger suite at the East end of The Lofts building. The popular downtown Escanaba store is owned by Rachel Miron. Pink Sugar Co. carries women's clothing, handbags, jewelry, vintage-inspired gifts, couture children and baby clothes.

"So many women were asking me to carry more items and more sizes. Moving to the East suite at The Lofts on Ludington is so exciting, because I'm now able to offer extended women's sizes and more clothing for babies and children - boys and girls. I love having my store at The Lofts on Ludington in downtown Escanaba; because I feel downtown is growing and developing in so many ways. Not only are you shopping local when you shop Pink Sugar Co. but you are shopping "double local!" Over half of my store is stocked with unique items made and purchased from local artists/crafters."

Pink Sugar Co. opened in April of this year. In just seven months, the successful downtown business has expanded, despite a struggling economy. Pink Sugar Co. has partnered with OSF St. Francis Hospital and Medical Group to help local infants and families in need. Items such as hats, mittens, and clothing can be purchased at a discounted price from Pink Sugar Co. The items will be gift wrapped and donated to OSF St. Francis Hospital and Medical Group to give to deserving patients and families in the area. Miron says that the Sisters of St. Francis gave her hand-knit baby items when she and her husband, Andy, had their first baby. They were so grateful to the Sisters, and feel this is an opportunity to pay it forward. Rachel lives in Cornell with her husband Andy, and their two daughters Hallie and Cassie.

Pink Sugar Co. is located at 1615 Ludington Street, Suite A, at The Lofts on Ludington in downtown Escanaba, (906) 789-4338. Suite B at The Lofts on Ludington is now available for lease. Phone (906) 420-3152 for more information.
The Kipling House Gift Shop has new Christmas gifts arriving daily. New this year are limited edition Vanilla Quince Santal candles by Caldrea. Visit the Kipling House for unique items and gifts.

The Kipling House Bed and Breakfast is located in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula in the Escanaba/Gladstone Area. From the beautifully prepared gourmet breakfast served each morning to the fine dining in a romantic setting in the evening, your stay at the Kipling House is sure to be a memorable experience.

1716 N. Lake Shore Drive, Gladstone, MI 49837 906-428-1120

We are here to promote your business and our community.


Vickie Micheau
Delta County Chamber of Commerce

phone: (906) 786-2192