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What's happening in Denver?
I-25 & Broadway
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What's happening in Denver?
denver skyline Denver is the fastest-growing city in the West. We saw 100,000 people move to our city in the past decade, and we are forecasted to see another 100,000 in the next 10 years. The rate of development since 2012 has been eye-opening; it reflects these demographic changes as well as the end of the recession -- suppressed economic activity suddenly freed.

In true Denver spirit, we are directing our own future. We've been ramping up for this growth through planning and infrastructure investments. The location and scale of development that we're seeing today reflects the direction provided by residents and property owners who participated in drafting Blueprint Denver and the Denver Zoning Code.

But our work didn't end with Blueprint Denver and the zoning code. We will continue to grow smart by protecting our neighborhoods, spurring development along transit corridors, offering more transportation options, making our thoroughfares more efficient, and protecting and adding to our network of parks and open spaces. It will take all of us to get this right, and we need you.

Stay Informed
Today we have two NEW tools for Denver dwellers to stay informed about what's happening in your community. Watch for enhancements to these maps in the coming months.
  • Rezoning map: To complement our list of proposed rezonings, we've added a proposed rezonings map. You can view the map at a glance, or enter your own address to see if zone district changes are proposed near you. Rezonings are rare; of Denver's 175,000 property parcels, 34 of them were rezoned in 2014. 
  • Site development plan map: This map displays information about projects involving new construction that have received site development plan approval from the city. It includes every site development plan that could be located as part of the zoning code update in 2010, as well as all site development plans approved since 2010. It does not include single-family and duplex projects. 
Get Involved

We urge you to get involved early and often in shaping your community. Get involved in your neighborhood organization, nonprofits or other community action groups. Learn about small area plans in progress now. In 2016, when the city launches the update of the citywide Blueprint Denver plan and a citywide transit study, plug in early to share your perspective and learn from the perspectives of others.

I-25 and Broadway plan on tap
broadway station
I-25 and Broadway Station
Planners will soon invite area residents, property owners and business owners to participate in shaping the future of the I-25 and Broadway station area. This station area is one of Denver's greatest transit-oriented development (TOD) opportunities outside of Denver Union Station.

When complete, the plan will provide a framework, vision elements, strategies, transformative projects, and implementation strategies for the future evolution of the station area. It will also identify needs and make recommendations for infrastructure, mobility, parking, land use, open space, economic development, housing, partnerships and other cultural and community investments.

Save the date!
I-25 & Broadway plan public workshop
Saturday, May 9
9 a.m. - noon
Location TBD
Check DenverGov.org/i25broadway for updates
City proposes a "bundle" of zoning updates
As part of our ongoing effort to keep the Denver Zoning Code modern, clear and user-friendly, the Denver Community Planning and Development department is proposing a new series of text amendments to the code -- dubbed "the bundle."

Many of the updates come in direct response to feedback from permit customers, neighborhood organizations, and Denver residents and will help meet the changing needs of our community.

Some of the proposed changes include:
  • Earlier neighborhood notifications on rezoning proposals
  • Adjusted bicycle parking standards for churches, rec centers and hotels
  • New requirements to activate the ground-story of buildings in main-street and mixed-use districts for an improved pedestrian experience
  • New regulations for where commercial marijuana extraction may take place
Learn more about the bundle of proposed zoning code changes at our website.
National Western zone district in the works
national western
Future National Western Center
This text amendment proposes to introduce a new zone district to allow the National Western Center Master Plan vision to take shape in north Denver, consistent with the recently-adopted Globeville and Elyria and Swansea neighborhood plans.

A rezoning would apply the new zone district to properties owned by the Western Stock Show Association or the City and County of Denver. Learn more at our website.
Proposed zoning changes will help retain, reinforce Highland's unique character
highland house
Highland house
Highland United Neighbors, Inc. has proposed zoning code text amendments that would add three new "overlay" districts in the Highland neighborhood.

Councilwoman Judy Montero is sponsoring the one design overlay and two conservation overlays that will reflect Highland's unique character and reinforce the neighborhood's distinct late-19th Century development patterns. Learn more at our website.
Planning and zoning at your fingertips
Visit DenverGov.org/CPD to find up-to-date planning and zoning information about any property in Denver.

Do I live in a designated "Area of Change?"
Blueprint Denver map thumbnail
Blueprint Denver map
Visit our Blueprint Denver page and go to the map to view current land use classifications across the whole city.

What city plans apply to my neighborhood?
Visit our completed plans page and go to the map that allows you to search using your address. All plans, assessments and studies are available online.

What's my zoning?
Our online zoning map can quickly tell you the zone district for any address in Denver.

How can I learn about proposed rezonings?
Review proposed rezonings, and visit our rezoning page, where you'll find general information about the rezoning process for applicants and neighbors.

How can I contact the Planning Board?
Visit our Planning Board page to learn the best way to submit comments for a public hearing to ensure your voice is heard.

How can I provide feedback to Denver CPD?
Please take our survey and let us know about your experience with planning and development in Denver!
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