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Buchanan Named Planning Director
2013 Permit Activity
Zoning Code Updates
61st and Pena Plan
Sidewalk Safety
Preventing Construction Site Theft
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After a snowfall, our two dozen neighborhood inspectors enforce city codes on more than 4,000 miles of city sidewalks.  
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Brad Buchanan named planning director

Brad Buchanan
Brad Buchanan
On February 12, Mayor Michael B. Hancock announced the appointment of Brad Buchanan as executive director for Denver Community Planning and Development. In this capacity, Buchanan will be responsible for implementing visionary city planning and ensuring safe, responsible, sustainable building throughout Denver.

"I've been training my entire career for this position, and I'm excited to join Mayor Hancock and the dedicated CPD staff when Denver is experiencing such incredible momentum," Buchanan said. "With all of the great opportunities in our neighborhoods and parks, as well as at the National Western, DIA, I-70, Brighton Boulevard, transit stations and downtown, Denver is simply on a roll. I'm honored to have the chance to play a part in what's next."

Buchanan will begin his work at the city on March 3, 2014. Read more >>  

A look back: 2013 building permit activity

Building permit volume in Denver remained high in 2013, following a surge in building activity in 2012 spurred by the rebounding economy. About 55,000 building permits were issued in 2012, and 2013 saw equal numbers. At the same time, however, project "valuation" in 2013 grew significantly -- from $2 billion in 2012 to $2.6 billion in 2013. Valuation is an estimate of construction materials and labor costs, and the uptick indicates there were larger, more complex projects in progress last year.    
building permit activity
Denver building permit activity, 2010-2013
In 2013, Denver saw a concentration of commercial development permits in and near downtown, with residential development permits heaviest in the city's northwest and south-central neighborhoods, as well as Stapleton. Many of these projects will become visible this year.

While many types of projects were in play, Denver continued to see an increase in multi-family residential projects. In 2014 we expect the multi-family trend to continue, along with a flurry of new hotels.

City proposes zoning code updates
The Denver Community Planning and Development department has proposed a series of updates to the Denver Zoning Code to make it more modern, clear and user-friendly. The changes range from substantive to minor edits and clarifications. 
The Denver Zoning Code is a living document. By updating it on occasion, we're able to address changes and trends in housing and other industries, as well as take into account valuable feedback from those who use it regularly. In fact, many of the updates come in direct response to feedback from Denver residents and permit customers. 
Visit DenverGov.org/CPD and navigate to "Text Amendments" under the zoning menu to view the proposed updates and stay informed about the ordinance as it progresses. 
61st and Pe˝a plan adopted 
61st and Pena plaza

Denver City Council recently adopted the station area plan for the future 61st and Pe˝a commuter rail station. The plan encompasses about 400 acres adjacent to the future RTD station, near where the future 61st Avenue terminates east of the Pe˝Boulevard corridor. 61st and Pe˝a is one of eight stations along the east commuter rail line, scheduled to begin operations between Denver Union Station and Denver International Airport (DIA) in 2016, and is the nearest station to DIA.

The 61st and Pe˝a Station Area Plan guides future development and change to help transform the site into a vibrant, sustainable transit community and a major destination in the Gateway area. The nucleus of the plan is a pedestrian-scaled street and block network within a half-mile of the transit station, and strengthened multi-modal connectivity to surrounding land uses. View the plan.


Sidewalk Safety


Denver requires property owners to clear the sidewalks adjacent to their property so that everyone has safe access throughout the city. In the event of a snowfall, homeowners must shovel sidewalks adjacent to their property within 24 hours after the snow stops falling; businesses have four hours after the end of snowfall to remove snow. To report an unsafe sidewalk in Denver, dial 3-1-1 or visit DenverGov.org/311.


Be sure to check on elderly neighbors and offer a hand when you can. Residents can sign up to be a "Snow Buddy" and volunteer to help elderly neighbors shovel their walks. To volunteer, contact the Snow Buddies by phone at 720-264-3379 or online at www.voacolorado.org/Volunteer/Snow-Buddies. 


Preventing theft at construction sites
denver police
The following are tips from the
Denver Police Department to help prevent theft of equipment and materials from construction sites.

1. Establish an inventory-control system for all equipment and tools. Assign equipment by serial number to work teams or supervisors.

2. Implement a documented check-out/check-in system for all tools and equipment.

3. Lock and immobilize equipment during non-working hours.  
Lock and protect with an alarm system all major pieces of equipment and trailers containing tools.

4. Double stamp all tools, equipment, and attachments with an identification number -- one conspicuous and the other hidden. Put reward decals on equipment.

5. Paint tools and equipment with bright, easily recognizable colors to identify them from a distance. Stencil or bead-weld the company logo or other identifying marks on equipment.

6. Try to host a neighborhood meeting to establish a rapport with neighbors. Provide your hours of operation and contact information.

For more information, contact Community Resource Officer Sharon Avenda˝o at sharon.avendano@denvergov.org.  
We're hiring!


Interested in helping to build a world-class city? Watch the City and County of Denver Office of Human Resources website for planning and development job openings as they are posted. 

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