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Discover Denver citywide building survey kicks off with Harvey Park pilot

discover denver logoDiscover Denver, a survey to identify historic and architecturally significant structures citywide, will begin September 7, 2013 with a pilot area in Harvey Park. The survey will gather information about buildings using public records, neighborhood canvassing, academic research, and tips from the public. Findings from the survey will later be accessible online so that everyone can learn about Denver's past -- building by building. 

Historic Denver, Inc. leads this collaborative project in partnership with the City and County of Denver and History Colorado.

The survey's first pilot area encompasses about 1,300 buildings in the Harvey Park neighborhood in southwest Denver. Harvey Park was selected, in part, for its predominance of mid-century modern architecture. Two subsequent pilots will include older residential neighborhoods and commercial corridors.

"We often say, 'If these walls could talk....'" Said Annie Levinsky, executive director of Historic Denver, Inc. "Through this survey, we hope the buildings will tell us about their history, their architecture and their role in making Denver what it is today."

Other major cities including Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Tulsa are currently conducting building surveys. The benefits of building surveys include:
  • Uncovering buildings of historic and architectural significance
  • Providing property owners and real estate agents up-front information about buildings to inform reinvestment and sale decisions
  • Equipping city planners with information about historic resources when proposing changes to an area
  • Bolstering civic pride and heritage tourism
Community input is key to the success of the project, which will ultimately survey all of Denver's 160,000 buildings. Citizens are urged to share their stories about Denver buildings on the project website. Learn more about this project, view a map of the first pilot area and submit your stories at www.DiscoverDenver.CO.

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