Education Matters
November 2015

Experience Etowah!
With our free virtual field trip for iPad and web

Our newest virtual field trip is now available through the GPB app on iPad and on the web at You will need to request a login to get started. If you have a login for the Georgia Studies digital textbook, that login will work for the virtual field trip series. This field trip is the first of three Paleo-Indian historic sites. Students can take a 360 degree tour from atop the mounds, watch videos and hear interviews with rangers at the site, and view historical artifacts of Indian life and culture. For more information, email us at

Above: Students will get to experience black-smithing firsthand.
Learn about the Southern Plains and Eastern Woodland Indians at the 
Booth Museum October 22 and 23 

The Booth Museum is offering a unique learning experience for teachers and students on October 22 and 23. During the school program, Passport to the West, students can view full encampments of Southern Plains and Eastern Woodland Indians and learn the differences between tribes. They can also discover what Native American life was like from both the male and female perspective. Pottery making, blacksmithing, spinning, chuck wagon cooking, flint knapping, bee keeping, and life at a trading post will fascinate students as they take this educational journey through the West. 

Exclusively for students, this program is designed to educate children (grades 2-12) with riveting performances of "From East to West" by Native Americans, Laura Alcorn and Little Big MountainAdmission to the school program is $5 for students, $3 + tax for adults, and free for classroom teachers; includes Museum admission. The school program takes place from 9 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Interested in bringing your students to Passport to the West
Call 770-387-3849 to schedule your group. 

To view the field trip guide with activities and lesson ideas, click here.

EdTech Tips
Webbing With Weebly

The students that we are teaching today will have jobs that don't even exist yet because the face of technology is ever changing. In order to make sure that we have students who are ready for this level of change, it is essential to teach them how to use technology in a real-world application. Weebly affords that chance to both students and teachers by allowing users to host their own free websites. Weebly's easy-to-use platform allows people of any skill level to become website builders. 

We're Back With Episode 2 Of On The Campaign Trail
Host Bill Nigut explores the idea of democracy

 Our series, On the Campaign Trail with Bill Nigut, is back with its second episode, My Government, My Vote, My Voice. In this episode, Bill discusses the topic of democracy and provides insight on the difference between representative and parliamentary democracies and their overall contrast to autocracies and oligarchies. 

My Government, My Vote, My Voice addresses American Government and Civics standard SSCG19. It also has teacher resources listed directly below the video that include discussion questions, guided notes and a graphic organizer. 

If you have already covered this topic in your class, this is a great way to revisit concepts. 

Above: Along with regular academic classes, students at Vineville can choose to participate in robotics, music, art, dance, and more.
GPB School Spotlight
Vineville Academy of the Arts in Macon, GA

Throughout the school year, we will be spotlighting elementary, middle, and high schools from across Georgia that are doing great things to boost student achievement. 
Our VERY first "School Spotlight" is Vineville Academy of the Arts in Macon, GA! Click here to read our profile on this extraordinary school. 

Among many extracurricular activities, Vineville Academy offers students the opportunity to compete on a robotics team led by coach and teacher Leslie Lowe Brown. Click here to read her guest blog that highlights the robotics program. The RoboPandas compete in the First Lego League, an intensive robotics competition where students compete in a themed Robot Game, create and present a themed research project, and are also judged on their teamwork and FLL Core Values including Gracious Professionalism and Cooperation.

Does your school deserve the spotlight? Write a short paragraph about what your school is doing to improve learning outcomes and boost student achievement and email to us at

Professional Development 
Right At Your Fingertips
PBS Teacherline offers facilitated and self-paced courses 

Looking for a fun, flexible, and collaborative professional learning opportunity? As a brand teachers know and trust, PBS TeacherLine offers courses that make learning truly come alive. These courses include tools for integrating technology, engaging peer interactions, interactive lessons, and authentic tasks with real-world applications. Whether you choose to work on them in your classroom after school or in the comfort of your own home, PBS TeacherLine courses are as convenient as they are respectable. To ensure a spot in your desired class, it is suggested that you enroll at least 10 days prior to the course date. 

PBS Teacherline also offers SELF-PACED courses. Most only cost $49 and some are free. You can explore content, watch videos, complete interactive labs and take self-assessments at your own pace. These self-paced classes that focus on the principles and practice of teaching are perfect for sparking new ideas, expanding skill sets, and energizing classrooms.

For more information, visit
GPB Education Update
We have several exciting projects in the works! We are developing an interactive video series called Chemistry Matters, we are filming and producing virtual field trips to go with our Georgia Studies Digital Textbook, and we are finalizing the digital teacher's edition of the textbook. We also offer professional development on our digital textbook, digital learning strategies, Discovery Education, and PBS LearningMedia. If you want more information on all GPB Education has to offer, email us at