June  2014         "Oaks from Ashes; Communities from Ruins"
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Entrepreneurs have a lot in common with missionaries. They are focused, yet flexible; principled, yet pragmatic. They strive to understand their customers' values and needs and then serve them with excellent products. This challenges the Hollywood caricature of business. Businessmen we see in films are often dishonest, corrupt and greedy villains.

The following stories show how God uses His people in the workplace to spread the gospel in even hardest to reach places of Eurasia!


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Integra Russia:

Namet, a Believer for only 3 years, was driving home from work with five other coworkers when a train hit their car. Every two months at this railroad crossing a carload of people are killed instantly.  It is the most dangerous crossing in Baku. This time no one died!! Namet's pelvis was broken and he was confined to bed during recovery for two months. But not one person in the car died. Now at work everyone says this result was because Namet is a Believer in Missa (the Messiah).


This is an extreme example of how God is making Himself known. But many are turning to Christ, through dreams, 'events' like this one and personal teaching of the Word of Missa, Jesus. Nine million Azeris live in Azerbaijan; 20 million in Iran. Our partner who mentors these disciples also reports after his recent trip that the word about Missa is spilling over to Azerbaijan's next door "neighbor". Azeri nationals are carrying the message wherever they go! 
Focused on Discipling Youth
Pastor Zvonko


Daruvar Community: As I think about my future service as a pastor in Daruvar, Croatia, I again realize how every person I meet is extremely precious and a great reason for gratefulness to God. In this mosaic of encounters, I especially remember the young people which God has brought along my path. In my ministry, from conversion to today, I notice how young people have always stayed in the center of my focus. It was the same this year, and likely will be next year. Simply, God has placed Croatian youth on my heart in a special way.


Therefore I ask you to pray with me, for my focus to be centered, for guidance in my approach to youth who are in great need of the Gospel and new life in Jesus Christ. In this effort, the young people who already live with Christ and want to serve Him are irreplaceable. I especially want to share my time and future with this new generation of young disciples to help them faithfully and competently continue to develop God's work in our region and our country.
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The Trustworthy Network
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Leading Edge Hungary: This month, I started a gospel conversation with the leader of Bizalmi Kör, the 'Trustworthy' Network, AND held my very first coaching appointment with a man I met through this network.


The 'Trustworthy Network' is a morning breakfast circle that I attend on a biweekly basis. There are many influential business leaders from all over Hungary who come. They have readily embraced my coaching knowledge on communication and personal development. It's been amazing growing into this role and then standing my ground when asked for my perspective on differing topics. 


Peti, the founder of this country wide network, invited me for coffee to talk about participating in the future growth of his company. Along with an offer to help with the leadership and direction, I was amazed to see Peti's openness and hunger for the gospel. I wasn't able to share in full, but can't wait to continue our discussion about Jesus, grace, legalism and trust in a higher being.

Read more of Jodi's efforts in Budapest.
Sewing Their Way to Camp 
Sewing Class
Sewing Workshop

Mission to the East, Ukraine: Sandra and Paul Carter came from Wales to see our work in Rivne and Orzhiv, Ukraine. Sandra has been teaching Zhanna different sewing techniques over the last 3 years. This time Sandra and Zhanna turned our apartment into a sewing workshop for a couple of days and taught the girls from Orzhiv how to sew.


Zhanna and the girls are going to use what they learned to sew items they can sell. The girls will use what they earn to pay for summer camp! We want our young people to experience how they can earn the money it takes to run summer projects.

Sandra and Paul also visited both youth groups in Rivne and Orzhiv, sharing with us the inspiring stories of their lives with Jesus.


When we took our guests to the Lviv airport we took Tania and Bogdana along too. It was the first time in Lviv for these girls and we could see the happiness in their eyes. Seeing the joy and excitement in their eyes reminded us that God is always doing great things in our lives. He sees our hidden dreams and helps us to live them out.
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Prayer Focus: Azerbaijan 
Population: 8.9 million
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96% of the country are Shia Muslim by heritage mostly. 

3.3% profess the Orthodox Christian faith.

About half are ethnic Russians the rest ethnic Armenians.

Estimates are that 9,000 believers are Evangelical, 

about 1:1000.

20 million Azeris live next door in their original homeland - Iran


The Lord can swiftly change the "least to a 1000" Isa. 60.22 and He can ensure the few who labor do not grow weary or tired. Isa. 40.31

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* Namet: His work friends find faith in Jesus.
* Zvonko: Stays centered on discipling Daruvar youth.

* Jodi: Peti hears fully the gospel of grace and truth.

* Planning and recruiting for camps across the region.


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