Helmer Eurasia Report   *   December 2013
"Jesus up close in community over time"
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Sheryl's Corner
Katrina's Mountain
Nadya in Action
Larissa's Discovery

* Budapest, Hungary: Jodi Butts is our newest missionary. She guides young professionals in discipleship. 

* Daruvar, Croatia: Zvonko and his family just led their new church in their second "Krist Dar" advent festival. Many adults heard the gospel and many young people signed up to learn more.

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Sheryl's Corner

Twice this year I tore away from the  work I do for Leading Edge and left the country!

The first time I was able to take Nadya and Larissa to my family in Alberta for the first time in several years. I love the hugs my "great nephews and nieces" give! ;)

October I went with Don to the Eastern Europe regional conference and met our partners old and new. It makes such a difference to have tea with the people whose checks I process! Now I really know how to pray with them.
Helmer Calendar: Early 2014

31 Dec.  Katrina returns to Toledo
25 Jan.  Marek visits from Slovakia

April       Don travels to Russia

You can help Don get to Russia. click here.

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Helmer 2013
Each year is a journey with new adventures and new lives to touch. Our adventure this year started when we learned Don had prostate cancer. We are grateful to God he granted Don the chance to overcome this disease.
Merry Christmas!


God's star shone new glory

     from heaven's scroll.

Angels' choir sang new joy

     down shepherds' road.

Parents marvel -- their new  

     son is mankind's hope.

Oh Holy Night! 

Don's Rehab Program
Cancer Rehab

In January I learned I had prostate cancer. Seems 56 is the age Helmer males need to check their PSA (my dad and his two brothers and now me). Six months after surgery all tests show I'm cancer free. I have been given new life three times: my human birthday - 1956, my spiritual birthday- 1961, my life extension birthday - May 7, 2013!

My ash tree didn't fare so well. Ash borer beetles ended its life. A life that began around 1899 - 8 decades before our house was built. Turning a four foot trunk of a 70+ foot tall tree into firewood was my therapy post surgery. 

Katrina's Mountain

Summit Mt. Whitney
Katrina started her trek under the stars and ended it in the moonlight. We saw this text at 4PM PT. Most of her return, down 100 switchbacks and 12 miles she hiked in the dark. Ask her someday about the "angel" hiker God provided who kept her company and lifted her spirits to safely complete one of her life goals - summit the tallest peaks in the USA. Mt. Hood - check, Mt.  Whitney - check. I wonder if McKinley is next?
Nadya in Action

Ready to graduate 2014
First job, first prom and first half-time tumbling performance, Nadya is always in action. Shadowing a police officer or hospital EMT she can stay calm "under fire." She's getting ready now to be a gymnast on her high school team. Go Millers!
Larissa's Discovery

Larissa is passionate about beauty. Painting, creative writing, travel -- she knew already these were things she loved. But I think even Larissa was surprised this fall to add philosophy and a love for thinking deeply about things that matter to her list of enthusiasms. We can't wait to see what she uncovers as she prepares to move from IUPUI to college in Ontario next fall.