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Volume 3, Issue 1

May 2014


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Did You Know?
Featured Employee - Walt Puckett
Featured Product - 90 Series Tow Cutter
Technical Discussion - Crimper Roll Surfaces
Featured Agent - Invotech/Sanjay Sharma
Retirement Party for Marvin Green
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Did You Know?



We have a wide variety of excess equipment, including 

Crimpers, Crimper Spares, Tension Stands 

and lots of Cutter Reels either as-is or returned 

to new condition.


Take a look at the descriptions with photos.   


Contact David Jackson for a quote: either "As-Is", or returned to new condition.







Featured Employee - Walt Puckett


Walt has worked for DM&E for nearly 10 years. He's been involved with DM&E for much longer. His father, Harry Puckett, founded DM&E when Walt was a youngster. He manages all of the equipment assembly operations.


Walt is called on to travel world-wide to assist customers in finalizing cutter and crimper installations. His depth of knowledge with the DM&E products makes him a valuable resource in solving process or mechanical problems, both on the phone or with personal visits. His responsibilities include conducting all customer product testing in our lab.


Walt is married to Michelle and has two step-children, Hallie and Cullen. Walt escapes any time he can for a round of golf. His other interests beyond his family includes most types of motor racing and snow skiing.

Featured Product - 90 Series Tow Cutter


The 90 Series can supply nearly 20 tons of staple every hour. Powered with a 20 HP [15kw] motor, solid state AC inverter drive and a double reduction belt train, the 90

Series can be tailored to your exact processing conditions. Like the 60 Series, an integral brake prevents loss of tow tension when the cutter is stopped. As with the 40 and 60

Series cutters, the monopost design allows fiber to be discharged to the front, rear, side or bottom of the cutter.


The 90 Series comes standard at a 48" [1.2m] tow height with a 57" [1.4m] tow height available. Cutter reels are compatible with Lummus Mk5 reels, and are available in

staple lengths from 1/8" [3mm] to 7 1/2" [191mm].


The 310 Series Tension Stand is designed for use with the 90 Series cutter. The DM&E Reel Attachment Device and Cutting Load Indicator or Cutting Load Meter are frequently selected options. As with all DM&E cutters, custom configurations are the norm, not the exception.


Technical Discussion - Crimper Roll Surfaces


Want to open a discussion with lots of opinions?

Start talking about the ideal surface finish on crimper rolls!


There are advocates for surfaces with a very rough texture, advocates for surfaces that are uniform and relatively smooth, and everything inbetween. The inescapable fact is that when a newly ground crimper roll is installed its surface will become smoother with every rotation. The various pigments and additives in the fibers will act as abrasives to gradually polish the roll surface.Balancing wear can

allow a more aggressive surface, but wear resistance suffers. Ultimately the DM&E machinist operating the grinder becomes an artist and develops techniques and equipment that will allow him to create a consistent, reproducible surface for the customer requirements.


DM&E's years of experience can be essential in your crimper roll maintenance.

Take advantage of it.

 Featured Agent - Invotech/Sanjay Sharma


INVOTECH is a fast growing India trading company representing and coordinating the direct sale of its overseas principals in India. Invotech was established by Sanjay Sharma in the year 2006. Sanjay's association with DM&E goes back almost 2 decades to the year 2000, when DM&E acquired the tow cutter products from Lummus. Invotech has reputable worldwide contacts in manmade fiber industries. They represent many companies including DM&E from the US, Valvan Bailing Systems in Belgium and JFE Metal Products & Engineering Inc. in Japan. The head office for Invotech is located in Delhi with branch offices in different states in India at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Rajasthan and coming soon, Mumbai. The tremendous knowledge of Indian business such as complex taxations' norms /import -export / legal aspects of business and banking gives INVOTECH an upper-hand in solving any complicated business matters with a fair solution. Liaison with various Indian Ministries and Oil and Gas Companies is another Invotech asset. Sanjay has a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering and is the Managing Director of INVOTECH: He can be contacted at

Retirement Party for Marvin Green



Marvin Greene retired after over 27 years with DM&E. Marvin was a featured employee in the December 2012 DM&E newsletter. Marvin and his wife Mary were honored recently with a luncheon at DM&E. We all wish Marvin our very best and know he will enjoy traveling and spending some time with his family.