August 26, 2014


Dear Friends and Colleagues:

As September approaches and everyone is preparing to go back to work and school, I thought it timely to present today's important topic: "Why do we need a will? and also to announce my new area of practice in wills and estates, which I have added to my family law practice.

In the past few months, out of the blue, four colleagues and friends of mine passed away. The news was shocking, and in one case my friend - who was perfectly healthy and in top physical condition - had a heart attack while hiking in South America and died at 62.


In another case, a colleague - a well-known criminal lawyer who was always the picture of health - discovered at 61 years of age that he had ALS and when the symptoms began to assert themselves, he decided to end his life by attending at a clinic in Switzerland which performs legal assisted suicide.


And we all of course know about and are grieving for the shocking and sudden death of Robin Williams, one of the world's greatest comedians.


Yet how many of us have wills and powers of attorney, to deal with our passing, and if we do, how many were relevant in our former lives but no longer today due to separation, divorce, second marriages, etc.?


Perhaps it is because we are 'in denial about death' and simply refuse to think about it, almost believing that we will live forever, that we postpone preparing one of the most important documents of our lives - our wills.


For more about why we need a will and my full article please click here.


Until next time!

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Attorney Spotlight
Anne Freed is a lawyer and a skilled mediator who believes in solving family law issues without her clients' lives being torn apart.


Anne has been practising law for 32 years. Her credentials include:
  • BA (Honours Sociology), McGill University
  • JD (Juris Doctor, Law Degree), University of British Columbia 
  • Master of Laws Degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Osgoode Law School, York University, Toronto
  • Advanced Training in Mediation, Arbitration and Collaborative Practice