October, 2013


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Welcome to the Fall issue of my Newsletter and today's topic: "Financial Disclosure in negotiating Separation Agreements ( and marriage contracts also!): Why is it necessary?"


CLIENT  TO HERSELF:  "Why is my lawyer making me prepare financial disclosure when all I need is a separation agreement?"


CLIENT TO LAWYER: "I know what my husband has and he knows what I have. We've agreed on how we're dividing the assets.  Just draft it up so we have a legal separation agreement!"


These are comments often made by clients who have retained lawyers to assist them in negotiating a Separation Agreement.  Reasons include:

  • I (the client) don't have the time or patience to do this work;
  • I don't want to pay for my lawyer's time in doing this;
  • This is just a make-work project by the lawyers (after all that's why they're all rich, isn't it!); and
  • I trust my spouse!

So why is financial disclosure in negotiating separation agreements (and marriage contracts also!), necessary?


For the answers and my full article please click here.


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Attorney Spotlight
Anne Freed is a lawyer and a skilled mediator who believes in solving family law issues without her clients' lives being torn apart.


Anne has been practising law for 32 years. Her credentials include:
  • BA (Honours Sociology), McGill University
  • JD (Juris Doctor, Law Degree), University of British Columbia 
  • Master of Laws Degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Osgoode Law School, York University, Toronto
  • Advanced Training in Mediation, Arbitration and Collaborative Practice