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September 2014
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Greetings from the Superintendent
Welcome Back to School!
Northwood Students Learn About Engineering and Design
District Welcomes New Technology Initiative
Faculty Concert to Benefit LAM Foundation
Walk-a-Thon Earns New Piano for Dean Street Elementary
WHS Student Council Welcomes Class of 2018
Facebook Pages Help Keep D200 Families in the Know
Teacher Spotlight: Clay Academy's Lauren Hagan
Bienvenido to our Visitors from Madrid!
Creekside Buddies Share Love of Reading
WNHS Students Train as Peer Tutors
Important Reminder for Parents


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One Hour Late Start 

Wednesday, Sept. 17


Board of Education Mtg

7:00 p.m. at Clay PDC

Tuesday, Sept. 23


WHS Homecoming

7:15 p.m.

Friday, Sept. 26


WNHS Homecoming

7:15 p.m.

Friday, Sept. 26


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A Kindergartner gets the hang of things on the first day in the lunchroom, with a little help from Superintendent Mike Moan.


Greetings from the Superintendent

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. 

- WB Yeats

Woodstock is a community that embraces its strong traditions,

Dr. Mike Moan

and also makes room for innovation.  As I begin my first year as Superintendent, I am happy to be in a district where traditions are looked upon with pride, and where providing our students with teachers that use best teaching and learning practices is valued.  It is our goal to make sure that all our students are not only receiving information, but also using that information to collaboratively develop ideas, solve problems, and prepare for their futures. 


Over the course of the last month, it has been my privilege to visit classrooms and see first-hand the wonderful teaching and learning that occurs in every grade on every day.   I have watched as students use technology to reinforce lessons in the classroom, and work together to find answers to complex questions.  For our youngest learners who are beginning their time with District 200, to the high school seniors who will soon choose their post-secondary paths, we are committed to providing a high quality education that will serve them now and in later life.

During the year families will have many opportunities to visit schools and see how their students are progressing.  We encourage you to keep in touch with your child's teachers, attend parent-teacher conferences in the fall, visit your child's classroom during curriculum nights and attend sporting and fine arts events that showcase student talent.

On behalf of all our staff members, I want to welcome you to another exciting year of learning in District 200.  We are glad that you're here.


Welcome Back to School!

Some cried, some laughed, some ran and hugged the friends they had not seen all summer, some struggled with locker combinations while others looked older and experienced as they walked through the hallways. Some rode the bus, others walked and some drove themselves for the first time.  But they all came to school on August 14.  Welcome back, D200 students. Let's make it a great year!


Northwood Middle School 6th Grade Students Build Their Own Air Conditioners

Over the last several weeks, sixth grade students at Northwood Middle School have been working on an interdisciplinary unit about heating and cooling.  The unit culminated on September 5 when students built their own air conditioners using a variety of materials such as styrofoam coolers, copper tubing, fish tank pumps, scrap PVC pipe, duct systems and gutters. 


Northwood students work on their air conditioner design and construction.  
The interdisciplinary unit included students learning about the history of air conditioning in social studies, looking at heat transfers and changes in states of matter in science, reading non-fiction materials about how air conditioning
works in reading, analyzing graphs about the heat index and humidity in math, and writing persuasive letters to school administration about the benefits of air conditioning in language arts. 


Some materials were donated by Wal-Mart as well as Wisted's Super Market, and Habitat for Humanity lent technical support for the project.


1:1 Technology is Welcomed to District Classrooms

Many of us remember taking a computer software class where we learned how to use PowerPoint or Word.  We left those classes feeling that we had tools and skills that would serve us well for many years. 


Fast forward to classrooms around District 200 and you will see students who are not just learning how to use the tools that come with technology, but also are learning to problem solve, be flexible in their learning and adapt to new situations.  Welcome to the District 200 1:1 technology pilot program. There are currently 10 classrooms serving students in grades Kindergarten through 12 that are utilizing LearnPads and Chromebooks.


Kristen Sauber, who serves as the District 200 Technology and Literacy Instructional Coach, points out that the goal of having technology in the classroom is to make learning relevant to students, and give them the opportunity to develop skills in the areas of critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication. 

Mary Endres 2nd graders 
explore their new LearnPads.


Students in a second grade classroom at Mary Endres Elementary School recently created presentations outlining the proper ways to use their LearnPads. Students spent time in small groups discussing what they should and should not do with their devices, walked around the room taking photos of the posted rules and helped each other master presentation skills.  

Advanced Placement and general Physics classes at Woodstock North High School use Chromebooks to analyze and interpret data the students obtain from their inquiry-based labs. Students are able to utilize linear regression methods for analyzing their data, which would be impossible for them without the use of technology. Student data and lab reports are shared with science teacher Kris Carter so she can see what students have completed and keep ahead of any issues they are having.  


It is the intention of District 200 to expand the 1:1 technology program over the next several years.  How we roll it out will depend a lot on what we learn from the teachers and classrooms who are breaking new ground this year.  



Faculty Concert to Benefit LAM Foundation

Music faculty members in District 200 will be showcasing their talents during a benefit concert in the Woodstock High School auditorium on Sunday October 26.  Beginning at 2:00 p.m. there will be a raffle, silent auction and refreshments, with the concert following at 3:00 p.m.   Tickets are $5 for adults,  $3 for students and seniors, and may be purchased in advance by visiting or at the door on the day of the event. 

This is the sixth year that this event, presented by the Woodstock Friends of The LAM Foundation and D200 Music Boosters, has taken place. 


All proceeds will benefit The LAM Foundation, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to patient support and research into a treatment and cure for lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), a rare, progressive disease that usually strikes women during their childbearing years. LAM is characterized by abnormal growth of smooth muscle cells and cystic formation in the lungs.  Lung capacity progressively declines, resulting in the need for oxygen therapy or lung transplantation and there is no cure.


Woodstock resident and former WHS teacher Kathy Peiffer was diagnosed with LAM 7 years ago.  Kathy is the wife of Duane Peiffer, District 200 music teacher and director of the Woodstock City Band.  For more information, contact Kathy at 815-245-8616 or  Please visit to learn about LAM. 


Dean Street Walkers Surpass Goal
Dean Street students
enjoy walking their laps
on a beautiful day.

Each year, Dean Street Elementary School holds a walk-a-thon, a fun and fit activity for all students that provides them with the

opportunity to reach their personal best distance.  Prior to the event, students set realistic lap goals based on their age and development. 


This year, money collected from the walk-a-thon will help the

fundraising committee, which had a goal to raise at least $2,000 to purchase a new pianoDuring the week of August 22nd students walked each day during recess for 20 minutes and averaged 15-20 laps by the end of the walk-a-thon week.  Seventy-three students collected pledges totaling $2,109.00!  Third grader Isabelle Baugh was the top fundraiser with $900. The piano has been ordered and should be delivered to the school the week of September 15. The students and staff members at Dean Street Elementary School want to thank everyone for their support!



WHS Student Council Works Through the Summer

While most high school students were enjoying traditional summer activities such as sitting by the pool, traveling with their families or working summer jobs, Woodstock High School Student Council members were planning activities for the upcoming school year. 


During their summer retreat, student representatives from all 4 classes participated in team building exercises, planned homecoming activities and designed a Freshman orientation  that will support the new kids on the block as they begin their high school careers. 


Part of the students' professional development for the day included learning Parliamentary Procedure.  Parliamentary procedure refers to the practices used in meetings to keep things orderly and give everybody a fair chance to be heard.


In an effort to show how damaging it can be for students to exclude or ignore others, the participants each received index cards describing an action that should be taken by other participants during the activity.  Descriptions included, "ignore me," "roll your eyes when I talk," "agree with everything I say," and "interrupt me."   Students were given a task to complete while wearing the cards and then had to describe how they felt during the exercise. 


Student Council President Mia Eldridge said that a portion of Freshman orientation includes the opportunity for freshmen to walk through the commons area and visit with students, teachers and coaches from all the different activities offered at the school. 

The WHS Class of 2018 receives advice and support
from upper classmen at Freshman orientation.

During Freshman orientation, students council Vice President Colleen Brown suggested that incoming Freshmen, "Get involved in clubs and meet people who are interested in the same things as you."  To illustrate the vast number of clubs available, student council members sat across the stage, introduced themselves and listed the activities in which they participated. 


Student Council members will work throughout the year to ensure that the members of the class of 2018 get the help and support they need to be successful at WHS!   



New Facebook Pages Help Keep Families Connected

In an effort to help families stay connected to District 200, we have added two new Facebook pages.  Please "like" both the Orchestra page at:



and the Dual Language page:


Teacher Spotlight
Clay Teacher Brings Music to the Classroom  

For Clay Academy teacher Lauren Hagan, teaching in a therapeutic school is a dream come true.  While she teaches Pre-K through first grades, all students at Clay have benefitted from her love of teaching.


Lauren's degrees in Speech Therapy and Special Education give her the tools she needs every day to be successful.  But her love of music and theater brings an added element to the students' learning.


The 2013-14 school year was Lauren's first year with District 200 and her fifth year in teaching.  Lauren had an idea early in the year to bring music

Lauren Hagan and her students 
discuss Elvis Presley and his 
influence on the world of music.

into classrooms at Clay.  She gave up one of her planning periods and worked with classroom teachers on ways to expose students to different types of music.  Students began that year studying Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles, and will continue this year by studying Elvis Presley.  During summer school she used music from the movie Frozen to illustrate how a melody can go up and down, similar to Elsa's climb up the mountain. 


Lauren teaches students about song structures - how rhythm and melody can calm us down or give us energy, how a song can tell a story and why music can make us happy or sad.  She has found that the music provides coping mechanisms for students when faced with a challenging situation. 


Students have been so receptive to the idea of having music taught that each class has chosen a song to perform during the school's talent show later this fall.  The elementary school students will dance and the middle school students will sing.  


Lauren has also begun helping middle school students write songs.  They discussed what style of music they would like to use, and created the lyrics and melodies that go with that style. 


While she knows that she is providing a great opportunity for the students, Lauren does it to enhance their learning and keep them interested in school. "Music is a great outlet for students.  It makes learning fun so they want to be in school."



Bienvenido to our Visitors from Madrid!

Woodstock High School is hosting 13 exchange students and two of their teachers from Sagrado Corazon and Divina Pastor schools in Madrid, Spain.  


Students spent time attending classes with their "host" classmates and also learned about Woodstock through a

Visiting Spanish students meet 
with Mayor Brian Sager in the 
Woodstock City Council Chambers.

scavenger hunt on the Square and a meeting with Mayor Sager at City Hall. They even took "selfies" with Mayor Sager.  


Students braved the fall chill and visited sites in downtown Chicago including Willis Tower, Buckingham Fountain, Grant Park, Millenium Park and Daley Plaza.  In addition they attended a White Sox baseball game at US Cellular Field.


In March of 2015, 15 Woodstock High School students and two teachers will go to Madrid to visit Sagrado Corazon and Divina Pastor schools.


Creekside Buddies Share Love of Reading
 Creekside reading buddies enjoy sharing a good book.

Seventh grade students in Mrs. Stone's class at Creekside Middle School spend their skills lab period working on reading and literacy skills with Life Skills students.  This provides an opportunity for students in both general education and special education to enhance their reading skills.  General education students are increasing their literacy skills by reading to their "reading buddy," and Life Skills students are gaining social experiences while increasing their skills in comprehension and basic reading.   



WNHS Students Reach Out to Help Peers

Students at Woodstock North High School who are part of a peer tutoring program received training during two sessions on September 11 and 12.


Eleven National Honor Society seniors were trained to help students in all grades with math during after school sessions.  In addition, 19 sophomores, juniors and seniors who were recommended by teachers or volunteered on their own were trained by subject area teachers. These students will help their peers either during free periods or at lunch time.


Students who are interested in getting help from a peer tutor may speak to their teacher or sign up in the Library Classroom and through study halls.


Principal Brian McAdow said that students who volunteer to be tutors exemplify The Thunder Way by having high expectations of themselves and their abilities by volunteering, being engaged with fellow students in the Woodstock North Community and respecting others enough to use their skills to help others. 



Student Immunization and Physical Reminder

As required by the Illinois Department of Public Health, all children entering pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, sixth and ninth grades, and any student entering District 200 from outside Illinois must present proof of a current physical exam. 


Proof of physicals and immunizations is required by October 15, 2014.  Failure to provide the information will result in a student's exclusion from the school until the required health forms are presented. 


If you have any questions, please contact the nurse at your child's school.


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