January 2015 Issue
CFOs and CIOs BFFs?
Why Not?

For those CIOs and IT folks out there, we have a question: How closely are you working with your CFO to support an effective and efficient communications infrastructure? Are you providing your CFOs with accurate information as to how your company is using its communications systems? Are you encouraging your CFO's input and taking advantage of his or her experience?


Today, more than ever, having an 'open door' policy in place between CIOs and CFOs is critical. There has never been more crossover in terms of optimization of the communications infrastructure and how it impacts bottom line expense. IT departments that persist with an 'either or' mentality only serve to cut in half the value of both their contributions and those of the finance department.


The importance of the relationship between the CIO and CFO has been beautifully articulated in a Wall Street Journal article. We urge you to read the entire article and take notes.  

Remember, too, to make sure you are using your telecom management tools effectively. One essential is your Call Accounting system; and we hope you are not still operating under the erroneous assumption that Call Accounting is only about 'cost per minute'. Call Accounting has advanced dramatically in recent years and should be playing a central role in your communications and human resources strategy.


And, by the way, we're don't mean emailing a pdf of reports to your CFO and considering your job done. In addition to its reporting capabilities, Call Accounting should be used as a conduit between communications usage and visibility and bottom line efficiencies. Strategic use of call accounting as a platform for discussion and collaboration can have a huge payback, across the board.


Read the article and let us know your thoughts. How strong is the CIO - CFO relationship in your organization? Could it be improved?


Feel free to contact us with your questions or to learn more about how CDR-Data can help you with the right tools to allocation and control 'the true cost of your calls'.  


-Kevin Young, CEO/Founder, CDR-Data 

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