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Syver in North Dakota
Kickin back in North Dakota


We are back from our 2 week road trip to North Dakota!

Seeing Rushmore, standing on hay bails, dancing in the middle of Santa Fe, rocking in a Talent Show and lots of fun family time at the reunions!

I feel rejuvenated and I took plenty of new photos to paint.

Hope to see you tomorrow at the Desert Museum!

-Thanks for your support-
Julie Rustad

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BRAND NEW: Desert Dwellers Poster!

Featuring Tucson's Desert Dwellers
from A-Z!  

Perfect for the classroom, office or kid's bedroom!

All animals painted by artist and Mom Julie Rustad.

18" x 24" 
$15 w/ free shipping!

Available Aug 25th



This Saturday at the Desert Museum!

The Nap Skipper, Rustad Family Band plays family music in Tucson
Join us Sat at the Desert Museum!

My family band, The Nap Skippers are rocking at

Cool Summer Nights at the Desert Museum!

Outdoor Ampitheater

It's "Desert Harmonies" night so there's a ton of live music until 10pm!



Desert Dwellers Popping-Up Around AZ!

Desert Dwellers Flash Cards feature colorful painting of southwest animals from A-Z by Artist Julie Rustad.
Finding Desert Dwellers Flash Cards is easier than you think!
We are expanded in Arizona, and you can now find us in the
Valley of the Sun! 

New retailers in Chandler and Scottsdale!

Outside of AZ?
You can always order yours online for $20 with free shipping!
Thanks for supporting a local Tucson artist.
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