Mayor Murray speaks to a full house at the Jan 26 Seattle at Work event
Hello Friends and Partners...
2016 is shaping up to be another big year for environmental progress in Seattle. A quick preview of what we'll be working on this year: bold new energy efficiency legislation, releasing a citywide climate preparedness strategy, unveiling an Equity & Environment Agenda, expanding our food access programs, exploring creative urban forestry solutions, and lots more! As with everything we do, we are excited to work with you, our partners, in helping make Seattle a city that offers a healthy and high quality of life for all residents!
Jessica Finn Coven, Director
Office of Sustainability & Environment 
Community Partners Steering Committee: Shaping Seattle's Environmental Justice Work
Last year, Mayor Ed Murray launched Seattle's Equity & Environment Initiative (EEI), a partnership of the City, the community, and local and national funders to deepen Seattle's commitment to race and social justice in environmental work. As part of the EEI, OSE convened a Community Partners Steering Committee (CPSC) of individuals who have expertise in a variety of environmental justice subject matters and also in engaging communities of color, immigrants, refugees, and limited-English proficiency individuals. More about the work of this group here.
Green Stormwater Infrastructure - A Key Tool to Cleaning Our Waterways
Stormwater pollution has been identified as the greatest threat to water quality in the Puget Sound. In order to help catalzye partnerships and foster greater Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) implementation throughout Puget Sound, the City of Seattle is pleased to be a founding partner and collaborator of the Puget Sound Green Infrastructure Summit. More info on Seattle's GSI work and the upcoming Summit here.
Tax Exemption Bill Supports Affordable Housing--With an Efficiency Twist
A bill currently being considered by the Washington State Legislature would give a tax exemption for affordable housing. This bill would let cities give a 15-year property tax exemption to landlords who keep 25% or more of their units rent restricted for low income families. OSE collaborated on the legislation connecting affordability with energy and water efficiency. More info on what this means here. 
Seattle Moving Forward with Next Generation Energy Efficiency Work
On February 3, the Mayor's Office sent legislation to City council aimed at advancing deeper energy efficiency actions in the commercial building sector. In order to meet our climate goals, Seattle needs to reduce our building-related emissions by 82% by 2050. OSE engaged a wide range of stakeholders and the general public for over a year in developing this legislation. More info on this work - including key City Council dates - is here. 

Join Us
Puget Sound Green Infrastructure Summit
Feb 24
The goal of the summit is to understand the full breadth of current green infrastructure work and organizational strengths across .edu, .org, .com, and .gov sectors. OSE staff will be leading and participating on a panel.

The Office of Sustainability & Environment collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders to develop innovative environmental solutions that foster equitable, vibrant communities and shared prosperity.