Mayor Murray along with other West Coast Mayors in Portland as part of the West Coast Mayors Summit
Hello Friends and Partners...
I was fortunate enough to represent the City of Seattle in Paris during the historic climate negotiations earlier this month and I am so pleased to share that leadership from cities like Seattle was a big part of the story in Paris. And while it was critical that an international agreement was reached, implementation will continue to be the charge of cities going forward. In Paris I was thrilled to sign the Under2 MOU on behalf of Mayor Murray.The MOU is an international commitment of subnational jurisdictions around the world to limit the increase in global average temperature to below 2 degrees Celsius. 

Jessica Finn Coven, Director
Office of Sustainability & Environment 
West Coast Mayors Pledge to Work Together on Climate
On December 10 and 11, Mayor Murray and four other West Coast Mayors (from the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, and Eugene) met for a two-day summit to discuss pressing issues facing each of their cities: homelessness, housing, and climate action. Read more about the Mayor's commitment to climate action here.
Fresh Bucks Makes A BIG Difference
A new report released by the White House this week shows that while Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, also called "food stamps") is a critical tool to combat food insecurity, it also notes that the vast majority of households run out of the benefits before the end of the month. Seattle's Fresh Bucks program is an innovative and nationally recognized local solution to filling this "SNAP gap". Read more here.
Turning Gray into Green in Georgetown
Just in time for the holidays-the transformation in Georgetown goes live as SDOT Operations implemented the Office of Sustainability & Environment's plan to turn gray to green for two priority Georgetown sites. More info (and pictures) here.

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