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An Empty Spirit


An empty spirit...that is what I recently realized that I had. I was praying and I said to God, "I don't sense your presence, Father." The answer that came to my mind and heart was this, "It is not a matter of sensing My presence. It is a matter of believing My presence."


It's true. "Sensing" is a term that refers to feelings. Feelings are fickle and deceiving. Sometimes feelings reflect reality; other times, they do not.


So when I wasn't sensing God's presence, the problem was not that God was not there with me; after all, for the Christian, God is present and indwelling 24/7 through His Spirit who came into us the moment we received Christ.


So the problem wasn't that God wasn't there, it was that my spirit was empty. Larnelle Harris sang a song that reflects God's heart toward His people. It goes like this:


"I miss My time with you,

Those moments together.

I need to be with you each day,

And it hurts Me when you say

You're too busy...

Busy trying to serve Me,

But how can you serve Me,

When your spirit is empty?

There's a longing in My heart

Wanting more than just a part of you;

It's true...

I miss My time with you.


God doesn't really "need" anything. He is self-sufficient in every way. But isn't there a sense in which He has chosen to need our fellowship because He loves us so much?


And we most certainly need Him! If you are trying to raise a child with special needs or if you are involved in a special-needs ministry, you can't do that with an empty spirit!  You need that time with God.


So back to my experience of not "sensing" God's presence...I found that when I thought about Scripture, such as , "I will never leave you, nor will I ever forsake you" (Hebrews 13:5), suddenly, I was aware of God's presence because of the truth that filled my mind through His Word.


I have to sometimes be brutally honest with myself. For example, I've been skimping on my time with God, because I have been busy, and life had gotten, as they say "so crazy."   But isn't it interesting, that I have time to be on the computer so often? Some how, I find time to sit in front of that often useless screen, doing fairly useless things.


So I made a commitment just today to go back to a habit I had put into my life last winter. Every time I went to the computer for personal use to do anything, including check my email, I would get on my knees and either read a small portion of Scripture or pray a prayer for my family from one of Stormie Omartian's prayer books, *which always contain great verses to go with the prayers.


I encourage you to do something similar. Of course, I work from home and you may not, but you can make a commitment to read a verse from a 3x5 card every time you go to your computer for personal use. You'll be amazed at how much that adds up and suddenly, your spirit will be full, rather than empty, because even in small, consistent doses, God's Word gives strength to the soul, and helps us "sense" His presence in our lives.


Our kids can develop such habits too...but we'll leave that topic for next time...


*If you order Stormie's prayer books, the small ones that contain only the prayers are best for the kind of praying I described.


 Bev Linder
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