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Every security pro faces the same challenge each morning - "what to do first?" Upcoming infrastructure upgrades, the latest breach headlines, and urgent requests for new access compete for attention every day.  How can you and your team be the most effective?


This webcast introduces the principles of fact-based network security and how Fortinet and FireMon advanced security solutions enable automated processes for making data-driven decisions that reduce your risk posture and keep the business running. Register here. 

Protecting Your Cloud With the Right Architecture: A Critical Evaluation [Recorded Webcast]
Recorded on May 15, 2013

In 2013 the cloud continues to be crucial business enabler for organizations. Unfortunately, the risk to data stored in the cloud continues to increase as attackers focus their efforts on cloud repositories. Even with an industry wide emphasis on cloud security, industry surveys indicate that security is the primary restraint to moving data and processing to the cloud. The answer to cloud security is multifaceted, and requires a wide array of solutions - not a single product. This presentation critically evaluates the many choices of cloud architectures that can be deployed and the security implications associated with each.

Our newest blog post dives into application security threats, remediation points and best practices. Does your company create applications? Find out how to get a free security scan where we'll pinpoint vulnerabilities down to the exact line of code for you. 

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