May, 3 2013 

It's been a busy year so far for cyber thieves, hacking government and enterprise IT systems in growing numbers and scope. We've examined the motivations of this growing population of cyber criminals to bring you the top five cyber hacks of 2013 (thus far), what it means for your organization, and what's in store for the future of IT security.

Does Lax Network Security Lead To Cyber Attacks: 2013's Top Hacks
Network security applications are at the heart of any IT system's defenses. Thieves slip some malicious network code through an unsuspecting employee using their "Bring Your Own Device" tablet or smartphone to download an attachment in many cases. In others it is more sophisticated and concentrated. Check out our latest blog post to see what these cyber hackers have been getting into...literally. Read more...

Download the Veracode 2013 State of Software Security Report
The Veracode State of Software Security Report includes the latest research on software vulnerability trends as well as predictions on how these flaws could be exploited if left unaddressed and what this may mean for organizations' security professionals. Download here.

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