Shorewood Woman's Club Program
Location Change
Today's Shorewood Woman's Club (SWC) program has been relocated to the Eastwood Condominium Community Room, 3920 N. Oakland Avenue due to the elections being held in the Village Center.  The program topic is Immigration Concerns with Voces de La Frontera Coordinator, Shana Harvey..  Janet Nortrom, SWC President will also be presenting.  The program starts at 1 p.m., Tuesday, February 16. 
February 16 Spring Primary Election
The Spring Primary Election will be held today, Tuesday, February 16.  The ballot will contain a Primary for Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court and Milwaukee County Executive.  Sample ballots can be found on the Village's website.
The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.  The Village has three polling locations: 
  • Village Center (3920 N Murray Ave.), 
  • Shorewood High School (1701 E Capitol Dr.)
  • Lake Bluff School (1600 E Lake Bluff Blvd).  

To find your polling place, please visit My Vote Wisconsin.

New Changes in 2016
Photo ID will now be required at the polling place for all elections.  For more information, see the Photo ID article in this Manager's Memo or visit Bring it to the Ballot.
The Village has obtained new voting equipment and voters will now fill in ovals with black ball point pens, instead of connecting arrows with special pens as was done previously.  For more information, view the video prepared by the Milwaukee County Election Commission.

Photo Identification Needed for Tomorrow

Beginning in 2016, voters will need to show proof of identification, commonly known as photo ID to be able to vote.  This requirement applies to all voters who vote on Election Day and most absentee voters, including those who vote in the Clerk's office.  

There are a number of documents that are acceptable forms of photo ID but the most common ones are a State of Wisconsin Driver License, State of Wisconsin ID Card, or U.S. Passport.  The photo ID does not need to have a current address.  

If you do not have an acceptable photo ID, you may be eligible for a free identification card from the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles.  More information can be found at,, on the Village website, or by contacting Village Hall at 414.847.2700.  Please plan ahead to be sure you have acceptable photo ID when it's time to vote.
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